Pest Prevention Steps That Save Your Garden

Expert Lawn Maintenance In Putnam and Westchester Counties Protect Your Home From Pests

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As spring comes in, all those sleeping insects and pests start to come out. These pesky critters can eat your favorite plants, wreck your grass, and spread disease in your gardens. Landwork Contractors is here to solve your pest problems with practical solutions. We know just how to protect your lawn and landscaping from pests. Don’t leave your lawn exposed to pest, follow these easy solutions for common pest problems.

Voles- These tiny rodents love your fruit trees almost as much as you do. They also enjoy scavenging scraps from your birdfeeders. Voles will create an ugly patchwork of holes all over your lawn. Their tunnels wreak havoc on your soil and destroy your shrubs. They also invite more pests, insects, and even disease to your landscaping.

Solution- Remove voles is as simple as taking a few preventative steps.

  • Remove hiding places like woodpiles or high grasses from your garden.
  • Keep your lawn maintained to discourage voles from coming into your yard and garden.
  • Place birdfeeders away from your house.
  • Regularly pick up fallen seed under the feeder.
  • Do not place too much mulch around plants and in your mulch beds.

Deer- Seeing deer on the lawn in the early morning can be a beautiful sight. However, watching them destroy your trees and bushes can be a disaster. Deer like to nibble at your trees and bushes, rub your trees bare, and attract other pests and predators.

Solution- Different solutions can be used to keep deer out of your landscaping. You can do any of the following:

  • Plant deer resistant plants that have strong scents, fuzzy or furry leaves or spikey blooms.
  • Have our experts install deer protective fencing to wrap around your trees and bushes to prevent nibbles and rubbing.
  • Install privacy fencing around your home, especially near forests and open landscapes.

Rabbits-Everyone loves soft and fuzzy bunnies until they are ruining your landscape and destroying your lawn. Rabbits leave droppings throughout your lawn, make large brown spots from their waste, and nibble up all your best plants and bushes.

Solution-Since rabbits like to hide, you can treat them like voles.

  • Remove hiding places, including high grasses, woodpiles, and dead leaves.
  • Keep your landscaping trimmed.
  • Provide proper fencing for your gardens and yard.
  • Plant pest resistant plants.

Professional Lawn Maintenance Keeps Pests Away

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Keeping your landscaping beautiful requires regular care and prevention. The team at Landwork Contractors is here to provide you with all the help you need to keep the pests out. Call us today at 914-479-2537 or make an appointment online today.

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