Aeration and Overseeding In Westchester & Putnam County

Aeration and Overseeding In Westchester County

Professional Aeration & Overseeding Services

Beautiful lawns take hard work, time, and some special tender loving care. Properly aerating and overseeding your lawn is the best way to craft a beautiful lawn that lasts all year long.  The experts at Landwork Contractors has over 18 years of landscape maintenance and design experience in the Westchester and Putnam Counties. We understand the soil and the special needs of lawns throughout our beautiful Hudson River Valley region.

Why Use Aeration and Overseeding on Your Lawn?

Months of dry, hot weather can destroy our lawns. Your vibrant, green lawn can become brittle and brown. Layers of dead grass and debris, called thatch cover your lawn over the summer months. Thatch blocks sunlight, water, and other nutrients, strangling the roots of your lawn.

Impaction is another issue that can destroy your lawn. When you have a lot of activity over certain areas of your lawn, the ground can become tightly packed together. Air, water, nutrients, and seeds can’t get down through the closely packed soil. Your grass dries and often dies out, creating ugly brown spots.

Leaving your lawn in this state can also invite bugs and disease and mold in your lawn. Aeration and Overseeding packs a double punch to really renew your lawn. Here’s how that works.


new sod installation completedA healthy lawn needs to have fresh life and nutrients to reach the roots of the grass. Specialized and professional Lawn Care providers are able to bring your lawn new life with the aeration process. Our experts use special tools to poke tiny holes in your lawn.

These holes pull out layers of thatch and create new air pockets inside of your soil. By adding room and removing layers of dead grass from your lawn, the roots of your grass are now able to get food, water, and sunshine. Once the aeration process is done, it’s important to include the next step for a truly healthy and strong lawn.

If You See These Things, It’s Time to Aerate

  • Areas of Dead Grass
  • Large Amounts of Weeds
  • Puddles of Water After Rain
  • Patches of Thin or Bare Areas On Your Lawn
  • Heavy Layers of Dead Grass
  • Areas That Are Difficult to Dig

If you notice any of these symptoms, contact your team at Landwork Contractors. We can easily determine the problem and work with you to craft a personalized lawn maintenance plan.


Now that your lawn has been prepared and is ready to receive new life, our experts will carefully overseed the entire lawn. We will walk the lawn spreading new seeds evenly over the grass. It is best to perform overseeding in late summer to early fall, while the soil is cool enough to accept the seeds. If you wait too long, the seeds won’t have a chance to grow before winter weather sets in.

Aeration and Overseeding Benefits

  • lawn aerationBrings More Healthy Microorganisms to Destroy Thatch
  • Cuts Down on Disease
  • New Seeds Will Root Easier in the Loose Soil
  • Root Systems Are Stronger, Healthier, and Better Able to Withstand Hot Weather
  • Greener, More Vibrant, Lush Lawns
  • Cuts Down on Weeds
  • Cuts Down on Bugs and Pests
  • Refreshes Your Curb Appeal
  • Cuts Back on Maintenance Costs

Enjoy the Lawn You Love All Year Long

Having a beautiful lawn is one of the best things about having your own home. Keeping lawns beautiful, healthy, and strong year-round takes a lot of hard work, time, and special care. The team at Landwork Contractors are here to provide all the TLC your lawn needs while you sit back and relax.

We will carefully examine your lawn and make sure we provide your lawn with all the nutrients and specialized care it needs. Call us today at 914-479-2537 to get your lawn aerated and overseeded. You can even make an appointment online, while you enjoy your morning coffee.  We’ll turn your lawn around in no time.