Hardscaping Design & Residential Masonry in Westchester County

Hardscaping Design in Westchester County

Affordable, Dependable Hardscaping Specialists

patio stone workAre you looking for the perfect addition to your home? Want to do more than binge watch TV and sit around your home? The experienced masonry team at Landwork Contractors have been building hand-crafted, durable hardscaping additions to homes throughout the Westchester County and Putnam County area since 2000. Besides adding value to your home, hardscape designs are the quickest way to turn your home into a private getaway.

What Is Hardscaping?

If you aren’t familiar with landscape design, you may not be familiar with Hardscaping Designs. Any hard structures, from benches to fences to outdoor kitchens, are called hardscaping. Adding hardscaping and masonry features to your home come with a wealth of benefits including:

  • ashley patern stone patio greyAdds your personal style to your landscaping.
  • Provides functional outdoor spaces for entertaining.
  • Gives more square footage to your home.
  • Provides functional spaces that you can use outdoors all year long.
  • Increases home values.
  • Makes your home stand out with added curb appeal.
  • Saves you money by giving you a personal place you can enjoy right outside your door.

Hardscaping Features to Enjoy for Years to Come

Our Landscape Design and Masonry Teams work hand in hand with you to create personalized hardscaping features that you and your loved ones can enjoy season after season. As Authorized Unilock Contractors, we work with only the best materials and use state of the art design tools to keep your home looking fresh and exciting. Here are some of the options you can choose from when you start your designs.

  • Outdoor Patios- A patio provides your home with an extra space for quiet reflection or hosting parties or both. We will work with you to pick out the perfect stones and patterns that truly reflect your style.
  • Fencing- Fence installations help create privacy, security, and even lower noise pollution for your home.
  • Decks- Much like a patio, a deck gives you that extra space where you can enjoy the outdoors close to home.
  • Outdoor Kitchens- If you love to cookout or have outdoor dinner parties, an outdoor kitchen is a must. It’s also one of the top additions that homebuyers are looking for. An outdoor kitchen can have as many options as you want, including:
    • brick pool deckBuilt-In Grill
    • Outdoor Refrigerator
    • Bar
    • Outdoor Sink
    • Wood Fire Pizza Oven
    • Fire Place
    • Wine Chiller
    • And much more
  • Walkways- Pathways and walkways create a beautiful and safe way to walk through your landscaping. These hardscapes can also direct traffic away from slippery areas in your landscaping and towards your favorite features.
  • Steps- One of the great landscaping challenges that come with living in our region is the rolling hills. Expertly installed steps and stairways can create a safer and easier way to travel through your landscaping.
  • fire pit from stoneFire Pits- For many homes, fire pits are a fun option that provides a fun space to enjoy the outdoors all year long. You can retaining-wall seating or simply pull up some Adirondack chairs to have the perfect campfire for every special day of the year.
  • Retaining-Walls- Besides providing structure and protection from erosion, retaining walls can also create new spaces, provide seating, and add drama to your landscaping.

Hardscape and Residential Design Overview

The Westchester and Putnam County area is famous for its incredible architecture and landscape design. We are so proud to be a part of the beautiful work that is exhibited throughout this beautiful region we call home. When you come to us with a design idea, we will work personally with you to turn that vision into a reality.

Our design team will carefully go through the hardscaping masonry design with you, using our state of the art 3D CAD tools. This technology provides you with the opportunity to see your design up close before the first piece of stone or brick is placed. You will be an active part of crafting the perfect hardscaping masonry design for your home.

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Landwork Contractors understands how important your home is to you. We know the care and time you took in choosing a house and taking care of it. We use that same care and consideration in all of our landscaping and hardscaping services. Our teams live and work in the area so you know you can trust them to do the very best work in the area. From the first design idea to the last brick laid, you can trust us to treat your home like our own.

If you’re considering an upgrade or addition to your home or just want to discuss design ideas, we are here for you. For more information, call us at (914) 479-2537 or contact us online.