Commercial Project Gallery

Seasonal Plantings: Spring Annuals/Pansies

Seasonal Plantings: The beautifully colored pansies installed in the spring time pop against the commercial sign. The variety of colors is offset by the neutral Japanese Holly that stays in place in the landscape beds all year long. We switch the flowers in this mulch bed seasonally (Spring, summer, and fall).

Commercial Shrub and Hedge Trimming

Shrub care is essential for maintaining a manicured appearance at any commercial property. We typically trim bushes and shrubs as needed throughout the season at our commercial sites, however, we do schedule two routine trims per landscape season to maintain the health and neat appearance of the shrubs and bushes.

Unilock Stairway (Commercial Property)

This stairway was installed at a commercial property. The Unilock product is not only designed for residential locations. These pavers are designed to last

  • The installation process that we use for all of our Unilock installs is what is recommended by the manufacturer. The process that we follow for Unilock installations is as follows:
    • Install Item 4 gravel compacted sub-base and a sand setting base.
    • Unilock Pavers are installed over the sand setting base.

SOD/Lawn Installation