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Professional Landscaping Services In Harrison, New York

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Since 2000, the team at Landwork Contractors has been turning landscaping dreams into reality. Harrison is a beautiful jewel of a town set in our very own Hudson River Valley region. Known for its historic homes, popular corporations, and lush grounds, this little town combines the best of classic design and modern living. We work with you to craft a landscape that you will love coming home to night after night. Whatever your dream is, we’ll bring it to life.

From design to regular maintenance to special hardscaping additions, we are your comprehensive landscaping service team in the Westchester and Putnam County area. We will work with the natural landscape to create a design that fits your needs and your style. Once you’ve designed your dream landscaping, we’ll provide year-round maintenance on your landscaping and grounds. When you need to add hardscaping or new additions, we’ll be there. We do all the heavy lifting and hard work so you can simply come home, relax, and enjoy the fruit of our labor.

Whether you need to start from scratch or simply make a few changes, we’re here to make your landscaping beautiful and healthy. We work with you and your design and your budget to get you’re the perfect plan for your home or office.

Landscape Design in Harrison

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Harrison is known for the beautiful grandeur or Reid Castle and the accompanying grounds designed by world-famous garden architect Frederick Law Olmstead. We will help you turn your little castle into a work of art. Using the state of the art 3D CAD system allows us to bring your vision alive before we even step foot on your grounds. You’ll be able to see your plans in motion and make any changes needed before a single plant is placed.

Harrison Lawn Maintenance

From long hours to expensive equipment, lawn maintenance can really put a cramp in your lifestyle. Healthy lawns need to be fertilized, weeded, watered, and trimmed regularly. It takes hours of dedication, a wide range of supplies, and a lot of hard work. When you consider all the money you’ll spend on lawn mowers, leaf blowers, supplies, and just plain work, you’re putting a large dent in your pocket and your relaxation.

Leave the hard work to the team at Landwork Contractors. We have an army of specialists who can perfectly manicure your lawn or grounds while you sit back and relax. We work with you to provide regular lawn maintenance year-round. Our experts understand the special challenges that come with living in the Hudson River Valley Region. We know what the soil needs to thrive and which plants will work best with your landscape and region.

From mowing to trimming to pruning to planting, we will take care of every aspect of your lawn to keep it healthy and lush all year long. Our lawn care and grounds maintenance services include:

Unilock Concord XL & Concord & Richcliff Front Entrance

Since we live and work here, we are prepared to take care of your lawn like no other landscaping firm. We work with you and your budget to make sure your home looks beautiful no matter what mother nature brings.

Professional Snow Removal

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Being locally owned and operated, we are there when you need us. When winter storms come blustering in, we’ll be there to keep your business or municipal building running strong. We have a fleet of professional snow removal trucks for corporate areas. Our experts monitor the weather 24 hours a day during winter weather. We’ll be there to clear our parking lot and clean off sidewalks. We use special techniques that keep you safe and protect your landscaping.  

Professional Masonry and Hardscaping in Harrison New York

While a lush lawn adds beauty and relaxation to your home, hardscaping additions really give your home that personal touch. Simple additions like fences, decks, pathways, and driveways add value and curb appeal to your home like no other project. You’ll be able to come home and enjoy your home in a way that completely reflects your tastes and interests.

Picture your dream retreat. Perhaps it’s a pool patio with a fireplace to sit near in the evening. Maybe you dream of an outdoor entertainment space where you can host parties and enjoy family time. Possibly, you are looking for a new walkway or driveway to make your home safer. Whatever your dream retreat is, we can make it happen.

As Authorized Unilock Contractors, we are able to provide you with the best products and techniques. Our skilled masons use beautiful, long-lasting pavers with that Unilock dependability you can rely on. We also keep up with the very latest in new hardscaping technology and brand new trends. We deliver beautiful hardscaping projects including:

Create the Landscape of Your Dreams

Don’t give up on that dream landscape. Let our experts customize your design and keep your landscaping beautiful. We’ll do all the hard work and heavy lifting while you relax. Call us right away at 914-479-2537 or make your appointment online.  We’re ready to bring your dream to life.