Commercial Snow Plowing Westchester County, NY

Commercial Snow Plowing in Westchester County

Get Reliable & Affordable Commercial Plowing

At Landwork Contractors, our snow management team is constantly monitoring weather patterns. We are dedicated to being prepared for storms, big or small. Our team of full-time snow professionals are available 24/7.

Our snow and ice management services includes:

  • Commercial Snow Plowing: Snow plowing parking lots and driveways of commercial properties only. Please note that Landwork does not provide Residential plowing services.
  • Commercial Snow Removal and Snow Stacking (if applicable): Removal of existing snow or ice off-site or to unused areas of property.
  • Salt and Calcium Applications (Ice Control): We apply Calcium to concrete and walkway surfaces. We apply Salt to blacktop and driveway surfaces.
  • Sidewalk and Walkway Services: Efficient removal of snow from sidewalks and walkways. Shoveling and Snow Blowing services available

parking lot snow plowing - Landwork Contractors Inc

Landwork Contractors Inc. is a name that you can trust for maintaining snow and ice control at your commercial property. The following are the key features which enable our team to deliver the best services to you:

  • Customized Snow Management Plans: Prior to the snow season, a member of our snow management team meets with the management team of your property. We discuss the requirements for your property to create a customized approach to control the snow and ice throughout the season.
  • Periodic Weather Monitoring: Our snow management team constantly monitors weather patterns. We are dedicated to being prepared for storms, big or small. Ice melting chemicals can be applied before the storm to prevent ice from sticking to the surface.
  • 24-Hour Availability: We have a large fleet of trucks and equipment, which enables us to efficiently offer reliable service. We are available throughout all hours of night and day.
  • Vast Experience: Our snow management team has over 15 years of experience with snow and ice management services.
  • Local Services: We provide the above snow and ice management services to a tight radius. Providing services to local properties allows our team to provide prompt and efficient services.