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Patios & Walkways in Westchester County

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Patios and walkways are among the most functional parts of any residential environment. Patios are places to relax, entertain, and have fun. Walkways provide useful, safe access and can be turned into wonderful designer tours of a beautiful garden or grounds.

Patios and walkways have one thing in common – Quality is very important. A good safe patio is also a risk manager. A well-made no trip walkway is a combination of risk management and common sense. Well built, well designed patios and walkways are real assets.

These structures quickly add value to property with a few important extra assets like steps, pathways or extra outside entertainment spaces. Good construction means almost zero maintenance, a way of creating extra living space for patios, and very practical site access management for walkways.


Patios Design Overview

Landwork Contractors Inc. specializes in patio design. With modern design capabilities, patio design is now made to measure. If you’re dreaming of a nice secluded family space, or an elegant entertainment zone with gazebos, barbecue and video area we can help your dreams come true! All you need to do is tell us what you want.

In our part of New York, the Westchester and Putnam counties zone, the range of styles and designs is truly amazing. All these homes are as beautiful as they look, and the exterior features like patios are top quality designer work. We can truthfully say that we understand the regional design requirements and the need for an absolutely gorgeous result.

These fabulous places have such charm and depth of style that it’s a real pleasure for us to work with them and add our contribution to some of America’s nicest places. If you’re thinking about a new patio and want to know what’s possible for your place, talk to us. There really is no limit to the possibilities, and your patio can be literally made to measure, attuned to your site and architectural requirements.

Stone Brick Patio floor job - Landwork Contractors Inc.

Walkways design – A range of perspectives

Walkways need to be functional, but also have a range of design considerations. Good aesthetics, good site access, and amenities issues are part of the design mix. For example:

  • Placement of walkways creates access.Where do you want people to have access? Do you want a paved walkway around the grounds, or do you want a rustic path? How about a paved walkway around the building(s) and sculpted walkways through the grounds?
  • Where don’t you want to provide access?Walkways can act as a security feature by restricting access in some environments.
  • Covered walkways can be a very good solution.Covered walkways are a very useful thing to have for bad weather, protecting visitors and residents.
  • Do you have site issues?Have some places where you’d like a walkway through difficult terrain, or through rocky zones which are typical of the New York countryside?
  • What about gates?Do you want a combination of the above, with ornamental and/or high security gates?

Now the very good news – We can design your walkways to match your needs using our current generation 3D CAD tools, mapping out all the design choices and addressing all the needs of the site. We can discuss your requirements, do a site survey, and deliver a model for your walkway, build as you want it.

We also deliver practical site solutions for specific environments. Some landscapes in this region are quite complex, and can be very demanding. It can be expensive guesswork if you don’t find the right answers to onsite issues. If you’ve been trying to find the right mix of problem solvers for your walkways, we can help you with any site issue as part of the design process.

We can also integrate your patio and walkway designs as part of a broader landscape design.

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