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Fence Installation in Westchester County

Local Licensed and Professional Fence Contractor

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A good fence can add endless benefits to any home or business. The professionally licensed team at Landwork Contractors have the knowledge and experience to create the perfect fence for your personal needs. We have been working in the Westchester and Putnam Counties for over 10 years. Some of our fencing installation services include:

  • white Pool FanceDesign and Planning
  • Supply Fencing Equipment & Material
  • Installation of Fences
  • Installation of Fence Accents
  • Removal of Existing Fencing
  • Licensed and Insured Specialists

If you’re looking for a great fence for your office or home, Landwork Contractors has everything you need.

Fence/Fencing Material Options

We love creating a personalized design to match the natural environment of the homes and the design element of our clients. To do this, Landwork Contractors works with only the best in materials and design options. Some of our material options include:

  • Chain Link
  • Aluminum
  • Post and Rail
  • Vinyl with Multiple Color Choices Available
  • Wood- including cedar, spruce, and pressure treated options
  • Wrought Iron

With this palette of materials to choose from, the design options become incredible.

Fencing Styles, The Options are Incredible

Our fencing styles also give our clients more freedom of choice and creativity. Some of our fencing styles include:

  • custom pool fencePool Fencing & Pool Enclosures
  • Privacy Fencing
  • Semi-Privacy Fencing
  • Picket Fences
  • Decorative and Ornamental Fencing
  • Animal Prevention-
    • Deer Fencing to Protect Gardens and Lawns
    • Coyote & Predator Fencing – Helps Protect Small Children and Pets from predators.

Fencing Accents to Complete Your Look  

Sometimes you want a little something extra to complete your design. Landwork Contractors works with many different designs that will complete your fence and bring a beautiful design to life. Some of the fencing accents that we specialize in include:

  • Pillars– A beautiful pillar can bring a perfect end to fences or be placed throughout a fence to provide beauty and individuality
  • Gates– A well-placed gate can help ensure safe access to your home while still protecting it from outsiders. A gate also adds a great deal of charm and personality, depending on the design you choose.
  • Pergolas-The perfect pergola can block out the sun, provide privacy and bring a romantic touch to any home.
  • Arbors– The quaint and charming arbor adds a beautiful entryway to any garden or home. As an added bonus, growing vines can be planted to wrap around the arbor in a picturesque accent and provide extra shade to entrances.
  • Enclosures– A properly installed enclosure can keep pests out or pets in. We offer the following enclosures: Waste Bin or Dumpster Enclosures, AC & Electrical Unit Enclosures, Pet Enclosures or Kennels
  • Railings– Fences with railing offer an extra level of protection and safety for family and guests. Our railings are available in:
    • Vinyl
    • Aluminum
    • Wrought Iron
    • Wood

All of our accents come with customized hardware choices to better meet the needs of our clients.

Benefits of Fencing

There are many benefits to installing fencing around your home. Some benefits include:

  • Creates Clear Boundaries
  • Provides Security around Home
  • Creates Additional Privacy for Outside Areas as Well as Indoor Areas
  • Gives a Beautiful Frame to Your Home
  • Adds Value to Your Home

Fencing for Your Home or Office We Do It All

As you can see, Landwork Contractors provides endless options for fencing for any home or business. We offer a wide variety of materials, styles, and design options. Call us today at 914-479-2537 to get started on the perfect fence for your home. Or you can make an appointment online. Our experienced staff is licensed and insured for your safety and peace of mind.