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Millwood, NYThe team at Landwork Contractors has been helping our neighbors and friends bring natural beauty to life in Millwood since 2000. We have a team of experts working on each part of your landscaping and hardscaping to craft a customized masterpiece that you will love to come home to.

Millwood boasts some of the most beautiful natural views in the region. Living in the Hudson River Valley, we know how to take the natural splendor of the area and work it into your designs. Once you’ve created a design, we can bring that idea to life. After the landscaping design has been fully installed, our team will also work with you to provide year-round maintenance of your landscaping and grounds. You can leave the hard work to our experts so you can simply sit back and relax.

As a comprehensive landscaping company, we specialize in creating landscapes from scratch that suit your needs and your taste. We then work with you to provide the best maintenance and care for years to come. So your lawn and landscaping stay healthy and beautiful all year long.

Landscape Design in Millwood

Millwood is a beloved hamlet in Westchester County known for its gorgeous natural walking trails and love of nature. While many towns reshape nature, the residents in this little burg have decided to embrace the natural beauty of their landscape. Following these goals, we work with you to give you the best of both worlds. Natural beauty and practical use combined in a design that fits your needs and your style without sacrificing the natural elements in your yard.

A top concern of many businesses and homeowners is that their vision will be lost in translation. Don’t worry, the experts at Landwork Contractors can translate your ideas into reality. We use state of the art 3D CAD technology to create a design you can see before we dig the first hole or place the first plant.

Our landscape design team works with you to carefully craft a design that will fit your style and your needs. We then work closely with our installation teams to ensure that the 3D CAD design is perfectly placed in your lawn or grounds. The technology we use helps you make sure you are getting the exact design you’ve dreamt of. Also, if you find that the design you had in mind doesn’t look right, you can make changes before a team steps on your lawn. Options include:

Professional Lawn Maintenance In Millwood

Lawn maintenance takes a lot of time and hard work. From fertilizer to watering to mowing, just keeping the lawn trim and neat is a job on its own. Add to that pruning your bushes, restocking mulch beds and adding new plantings, and your lawn could become a chore and not a joy. Plus, when you consider all the money you’ll spend on equipment and supplies, you’re looking at a large chunk of your money slipping through your hands.

Leave all that work to us. Landwork Contractor has a team of skilled lawn maintenance experts who will take excellent care of your lawn. If you have a large area to care for business to look after, simply call our experts we also have grounds maintenance teams to care for every inch of your business.

We work on every aspect of your lawn, making sure you always have a beautiful yard to come home to. Lawncare and maintenance work includes:

Since our team lives and works here in the area, we will carefully tend to your yard with the same care we tend to our own. You can come home to a lawn that is lush, healthy, and relaxing. You can go into your office or work and enjoy the surrounding grounds without spending hours taking care of every part of your landscape. Our team of experts are here to take care of every part of your landscaping. We will also work closely with your budget to make sure you get the lawn you love at a price you can afford.

Professional Customized Masonry and Hardscaping in Millwood

Hardscaping installations are the parts of your design that really adds your personal touch to on your home. Besides setting your home apart, hardcaping also adds value to your home and creates incredible curb appeal.

Imagine coming home to your own little retreat right outside your back door. You can enjoy the evenings by your fire pit or year-round parties in your outdoor kitchen. Picture the perfect pathway leading to your home or backyard, making each step safer and more visually appealing.

Adding hardscaping projects to your lawn can give you more entertainment space, protect your lawn and house from damaging erosion, or create new areas of your home to enjoy. We have a team of skilled masons with over 300 years of combined experience in the Westchester and Putnam County area. Options you can consider include:

As part of our excellent service, we are also proud to be your local Authorized Unilock Contractor, giving you the very best in design and product choices. Being a part of the Unilock traditions means our masonry and hardscaping projects are built with top-notch products and the latest techniques. You’ll get exquisitely designed masonry construction that will last you a lifetime.

Professional Snow Removal for Your Business in Millwood

snow plowing 2 trucksWinter weather can bring everything to a grinding stop. When you trust your snow removal to Landwork Contractors, you get a fleet of snow removal trucks ready for your call. We monitor weather patterns so we can be on site before the first snowflakes fall. Our teams use special equipment and techniques that will help clear your sidewalks and parking lots.

Bring Your Dream Landscape to Life Today!

Stop dreaming and start living. Bring your design dreams and lawn maintenance needs to our team of experts. We can work with you right away to craft the perfect design and maintenance plan for you and your landscape. Call us today at 914-479-2537 or make your appointment online. We cannot wait to bring that dream to life.