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Landscape Construction in Westchester County

Proffesional Commercial Landscape Construction in Westchester County

If you know the fabulous places in our part of New York, the Westchester and Putnam counties, you’ll know how fantastically beautiful these places are. These are the all-time iconic homes of a vibrant America, top of the line in good taste and inspired designs.

Those results can be easier to achieve than you think, when you use professional landscaping experts like Landwork Contractors. Landscaping really is “art with land”. It’s a result of good ideas and practical solutions that make your wildest ideas work. Good landscaping is a mix of personal taste, good materials, and understanding of your setting. New York has some of the most beautiful natural landscape in the world. We are so lucky to work among this natural beauty. Good landscaping is also about good design. It can be surprisingly simple and a beautiful work of art and a labor of love that lasts for generations.


Landscape construction is a matter of site-friendly design and planning. With the new 3D CAD design tools we use, you can even price your construction down to a single component or design element. We work with our clients to give them the landscape designs they love within the budget they have. Whether you want a formal garden, a rustic stone wall, or a full site makeover, your imagination can bring it all to life with the use of our design experts and incredible UNILOCK products.


Landscape construction basic considerations

Landscape construction can be minimal, ornate, or a combination of natural features and dazzling ideas. The best landscape construction perfectly matches and enhances the setting. Even the formal gardens, elegant and impeccable, are designed to be part of a living environment. New York has some great stone, trees and foliage that can create a raging blaze of color or soothing tones to suit your taste.

custom masonry build stone column

  • These are the core landscape construction elements:

Good materials  Some of the best landscaping materials, like stone and timber structures, are so low maintenance that they almost never need any work at all. They look great from day one to a century later.

Site considerations – This part of New York has incredible topography. In colonial times and even now, this region has attracted artists, writers and photographers who flock here for inspiration in their creations. Your choices of features and landscape options are endless.

The things you love – The best landscaping protects and preserves these features. Good drainage, good soil management, retaining walls, and other features can be used to keep your landscape environment pristine.

Structural landscaping values  Landscape construction can also add a lot of high value as well as creating a beautiful place. You’ll be surprised at your options for upgrading and developing your property in the very best of taste.

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Creating your landscape

We recommend that before committing yourself to a landscape project, you go over your choices thoroughly with experts. Our team of professional designers and landscapers can guide you through the entire process. A lot of our work includes advisory services where we help our clients find the best, most cost-effective way of realizing their landscape choices.

  • This process involves:

Planning best practice – Finding the right designs and making sure each element of landscape construction is properly planned right from the start. This is also a quality control to integrate landscaping construction in to the overall project.

Materials choices – Choice of materials, as above, is fundamental to good construction. We offer a very wide range of top quality materials appropriate for the site and environment. These materials are long-lasting and ultra-durable materials often needing little to no work done on them.

Site issues – Every site has a few special needs. We check out the site for any possible drainage issues, for example, to ensure the new landscape features don’t create problems with runoff and that features like stone walls are properly bedded and stable.


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