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In our part of New York, the Westchester and Putnam counties region, lawn care is a science. Those beautifully kept lawns don’t just happen. There are special techniques and services that keep them looking effortless and beautiful. There’s a whole range of issues when you’re managing a lawn. It’s important, when looking at lawn care options, to understand the issues.

If you have a look at some of the truly beautiful lawns in this part of New York, you’ll notice that the turf is of exceptionally high quality, and appears to be absolutely seamless. That’s no accident. Good lawn management is based on getting things right from the start.

Westchester spring lawn care

Lawn care basics

Lawn care is based on scientific principles. In landscaping, the big issues in this area are topographysoil managementenvironmental conditions, and drainage. The natural environment of New York also includes a very broad range of different environments including rocky terrain, forests, and ex-rural land.

To maintain a lawn in good condition in this complex environment requires routine care. The best practice approach is to create a planned schedule of regular maintenance and care.

These are the fundamentals:

  • Soil management –The soil must be properly prepared and able to support a lawn. A combination of mulching, aeration, and soil improvement is the recipe for a lawn that will always look great.
  • Choice of lawn –Some lawns are very hardy, almost zero maintenance, and may rarely require actual maintenance and replacement. Others, however, are quite unsuitable for the New York region. They look good, but they have no chance of surviving the moods of our ferocious climate.
  • Integration in to the environment –Similarly, some lawns are natural fits for the New York environment. They’re not bothered by the cold, the heat, or the occasional storm.
  • Managing onsite incidents –It’s inevitable that the lawn surface will be impacted by debris in winter and autumn and the occasional damage from general use. The big issue here is to keep the lawn in one piece, and patch areas as required. For example, lawn roots suffer if exposed, and cause horrible bald spots. The remedy is quick replacement. This is best done before your lawn becomes a desert, particularly in summer, where bare patches leach moisture out of the soil, depriving the root of necessary nutrition.

Managing large lawns and grounds

Fertilizing Weed Control - lawn care job

For large lawns, however, be warned – You do need a level of expertise to properly do things.  If you have a large lawn, the lawn needs to be systematically maintained, with fixes applied ASAP to prevent damage.
You also need to consider lawn usage as part of lawn care:

  • High traffic areas mustbe watched and fixed. They can literally carve up a lawn.
  • Proper lawn mowing is essential.

Landwork Contractors Inc. can do it all for you

We carry out regular and incident-fixing lawn care services throughout our service areas:

  • We can do a full survey of your site, and manage all the lawn basics for you including soil management, seeding, turfing, lawn aeration, and drainage.
  • We know the lawn problems in our region, and how to fix them.
  • We can solve lawn traffic zone problems and prevent further lawn damage.
  • We can fix damage from storms, debris, and domestic animals.
  • We can also help withlawn design, installation, and integration with your landscaping.

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For more information about our lawn care services, just call us on (914) 479-2537 or contact us online. We’re happy to provide any services you require.

Whether you have an established lawn or are in the process of creating a whole new lawn, lawn care is based on dealing with these issues systematically and regularly.