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We take pride in working with Unilock as an Authorized Unilock Contractor.

Authorized Unilock Contractor

As an Authorized Unilock Contractor, working with us means that you are getting the most out of your investment with the best possible product, Unilock. We are highly trained professionals that install the product using the manufacturer’s guidelines. Authorized contractors also get the best in the newest methods and technology with the continuing education training we are required to attend. We are privileged to constantly learn about Unilock products and installation requirements. As an Authorized Unilock Contractor, we also offer the best in competitive pricing, if a non-authorized contractor proposes a lower cost than we do, you may want to investigate if they are using the correct sub-base and other AuthorizedUnilock suggested installation requirements.


Workmanship Guarantee

As an Authorized Unilock Contractor, working with Landwork Contractors, gives you peace of mind. See below for the “Workmanship-Guarantee_Unilock_AC_

Workmanship-Guarantee_Unilock_AC_Unilock Catalog

Download a Free Copy of the 2020 Unilock Design Idea Catalog.
We are proud to share that our projects are featured on Page 54 (Treo® Premier) and Page 124 (Concord Wall™) https://unilock.com/free-catalog/.

Unilock overview

Unilock is much more than a big name. It’s an industry quality standard for professionals. Unilock products include an exceptionally high-quality and diverse range Award Winning projec - LandworkContractorsof design elements and choices. The color, tone, texture, and “feel” of Unilock pavers, for example, are excellent.

If you love those lifestyle magazines, you will have already seen a very large selection of Unilock products. These are the designer choice products for the top of the line exterior designers and architects. These very demanding experts for premier installations use Unilock products on a routine basis. So do we, for exactly the same reasons – Unilock’s products are in a league of their own for quality and style.

Unilock also provides top quality natural stone. That’s particularly important for us, because we do a large range of stone masonry work in various forms. The quality of Unilock natural stone is excellent, and ideal for our purposes.

One way Unilock excels is by creating stone that is made to last, even in harsh and complicated regions.  Unilock stone is made for the best freeze/thaw performance, water absorption and other critical factors. Stone that isn’t able to meet these standards can’t survive New York’s savage winters. Inferior stone actually disintegrates. Precision manufacturing and surfacing makes Unilock products even tougher and more elegant. For these reasons and many more, you can see why we’re so happy to work with Unilock’s fully proven range of products.

Preview the Unilock Products

  1. Browse the Online Galleries and Ideabooks:
    If you’re considering a Unilock project at your home, we recommend that you check out the Unilock range of products online first, so that you can get a sense of what aesthetic works best for you and your home. You’ll see a lot of fabulous designs, as well as their vast range of product selections. Also, you can visit Unilock products specific for this region.
  2. Outdoor Idea Center:
    If you’re interested in viewing the products in person, feel free to browse an outdoor idea center. We are also willing to meet with you at the outdoor idea center and do a walkthrough. We can offer our expert advice as a part of the estimate and design of your project. You will also be able to receive some samples. The New York Outdoor Idea Center is located in Brewster, NY at the following address:
    Unilock Outdoor Idea Center NY
    51 International Blvd
    Brewster, NY 10509

If you’re considering landscaping and exterior work, we recommend that you check out the Unilock range of products on our site. You’ll see many amazing designs, as well as a vast range of their product selections.

At our site, you’ll see a lot of examples of the Unilock products in nearly all of our designs. As you will definitely notice, these products leave absolutely nothing to be desired. The sheer range and versatility of Unilock products really is amazing, and for us as designers, it’s a perfect blend of durability, variety and beauty.

3-D Designs Available upon request

We use the latest CAD design tools, and we can model our Unilock products with ease for even the most demanding landscaping and exterior work. Whether it’s a patio, elegant steps, or a great walkway, we can rely on these products for any project with complete confidence in their performance and style.

Why quality is so important

In landscaping, the best products are also the most reliable. The New York region has beautiful landscapes, but it’s a tough environment. Cold, heat, and natural conditions can be very harsh. Inferior products simply will not do.

The issues that happen with low-quality products can be expensive and greatly damage your lawn, landscaping or even home. Here are just a few:

  • Breaking down or failure of landscape materials, particularly construction materials, can be catastrophic for the residential environment, causing major issues.
  • Low-grade materials routinely break down and deteriorate over time, looking terrible and causing bigger problems like leaks, drainage issues, etc.
  • Fixing the problems can be extremely expensive. The fact is that if a major constructed area breaks down, the damage spreads and increases. The solution to the problem is to avoid it using better materials.
  • High maintenance landscape construction means it is inferior quality construction. Good materials simply don’t need a lot of maintenance, so we choose the almost no-maintenance Unilock products.
  • Damaged access ways and exterior features can be very hazardous, and present real risks to site users and residents.
  • If you know our service region in New York, the Westchester and Putnam counties area, you’ll appreciate that using inferior materials is absolutely out of the question. We’re very proud to contribute our part to maintaining the fabulous aesthetic standards of the region. That means using the best, and nothing but the best, materials for all our work. That’s why we choose Unilock.

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