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Looking for landscaping experts for your place in Chappaqua?

Landwork Contractors Inc. has had a long and happy history creating landscape designs in Chappaqua since 2000. This is a truly magical place for landscaping, a place which is part of the legendary original American colonies. This is the America of the Revolutionary War, with some of the most famous landscape art of the 19th century. It’s a fabulous place to live and we love working here.


We have contributed some landscaping to the Chappaqua region ourselves, and we take great pride in being able to claim a part in constructing this fantastically beautiful environment. We’re also local residents in this part of New York ourselves, and we care about the standards of work done.

We help our clients manage risks, solve problems and deliver an all-inclusive high value range of landscaping and related services. If you’re trying to find landscapers who understand the local property issues and market, all you need to do is talk to us. We know this market very well, and we know the problems and issues with landscaping, including budget problems.

Landscaping Design Services in Chappaqua

Working for many years in landscape design in the Chappaqua area, we know how to conduct both initial design and ongoing land management issues. We can create your landscape dream from scratch with our top of the line CAD 3D landscaping software and then build it for you according to your preferences.

There’s another, very practical side to our landscape design services – We can create a budget-friendly design plan to match your budget and your design dreams. This is the easy way to manage your landscaping – The way you want, within budget, and without fuss.

Chappaqua Lawn and Grounds Maintenance

A natural role for us is providing land management services. This is a part of our landscaping work, and covers a range of issues. The best way to manage the land is to carry out a systematic program of improvement, maintenance, and regular clean ups.

  • Our range of services for lawns includes:
  1. Spring Clean Up
  2. Weekly Maintenance Visits
  3. Fall Clean Up

We also provide corrective land management services and other “fixer” services as well as our lawn services in Chappaqua. These services may include things like dealing with destructive site drainage, damaged soil, revitalizing the soil, re-plantings and similar services.

Chappaqua masonry, stone and other “hardscape” construction

A “hardscape” is the broad term for physical landscape constructions like walls and other features. Hardscapes typically include a very wide range of features, particularly on larger grounds. Our stone masonry work in Chappaqua includes related wooden structures of all kinds, concreting work and integrated projects. If you browse our website, you’ll see many examples of our work from our pictures. We create many of these features according to our clients’ specifications and preferences, including:

  • Timber Decks
  • Privacy Fencing
  • Retaining Walls
  • Patios
  • Pool Patios
  • Fire Pits
  • Steps and Pathways
  • And Much, Much More

If you have always wanted a custom patio, or a beautiful porch, not only will we be able to do it for you, but we will also be able to integrate it into the rest of your landscape planning for a seamless finish.

Want to know more? Let’s talk landscaping right now!

If you’re thinking of taking the first moves in doing the landscaping for your property, just call us. Let’s talk and explore all the possibilities. Talk to us about what you want, tell us the problems, and we’ll find the fixes for you. Our expert team uses the best tools and technology to create something from nothing, or to help turn your grounds into the beautiful landscape that you deserve.

If you’d like to ask us some questions about our services or would like to arrange a consultation, call us at (914) 479-2537 or request appointment online. We’ll be happy to help.