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Landscape Design in Yorktown, NY

Get Proffesional & Local Landscaping in Yorktown!

Landwork Contractors, Inc. has been the local landscaping service in Yorktown and the surrounding regions since 2000. Our experts love working with the gorgeous old homes and fantastic properties that has made the Yorktown area a favorite of landscape artists and homeowners since colonial times.


We live in this part of New York, too, and are proud to be able to say that we help contribute to the maintaining of natural design traditions of Yorktown’s wonderful heritage. This part of New York was, and still is, one of the best examples of top of the line original American modern and historical architecture and landscaping.

We deliver a full range of landscaping, lawn maintenance, property management and related construction and installation services. If you want landscape designers, experienced craftspeople and expert problem solvers, simply call us. We’ll make sure that you get the quality of workmanship, standards of design, and high-value deliverable services that you want.

Our Landscape Design Services in Yorktown

As local landscapers, we have truly extensive experience in all aspects of landscaping in Yorktown. We can create your dreamscape for you and we can help you to describe and design exactly what you want using the very latest CAD 3D landscape design systems.

Let’s discuss your ideas. We can carry out a thorough assessment and costing of your landscape design ideas and also help manage any problem solving related to onsite issues like terrain, plantings, drainage, and other typical problems.

We are also happy to walk through different landscapes and designs with you. If you’ve seen examples of items that you’ve really liked in the past, then we will work with you to try and recreate those looks on your own property. We can also help you create specific gardens or parcels that are devoted to different types of plants, so that you can have a broad representation of all your favorite flowers, trees, bushes and many other plantings.

Yorktown Lawn and Grounds Maintenance

Grounds maintenance can become a real problem if you don’t have a good plan to take care of it. You need a management plan and a very trustworthy lawn and grounds maintenance program that will keep your lawn beautiful and your schedule open. We can provide all the services you need to plan and implement for your lawn and grounds maintenance. We’ll also help you with managing soil, planting of new trees and gardens, creating the designs and the solutions to meet your needs.

  • We can also provide a full range of practical, high value services for lawns, including:
  1. Spring Clean Up
  2. Weekly Maintenance Visits
  3. Fall Clean Up

This is the best way to have a great lawn – Less work for you! We also offer expert help in managing any on-site issues like weed management, and similar problems. If you’re looking for any kind of grounds maintenance or lawn services in Yorktown, talk to us first. We are you one stop for all your lawn services, grounds maintenance and hardscape installations.

Yorktown Masonry and Hardscapes

The creation of landscape features like buildings, retaining walls, and other structures is called hardscaping. Hardscapes are very much part of both critical landscape structures and external design elements. Hardscapes, in fact, are considered by valuation experts to be the primary value adders to important properties.

Landwork Contractors Inc. uses only the highest quality construction products. Our structural landscaping features are designed for long life and to be low-maintenance. Key structures include:

  • Stonework
  • Timber Decks
  • Patios
  • Retaining Walls
  • Pool Patios
  • Steps and Pathways
  • Privacy Fences
  • And a vast range of other landscaping features.

We’ve carried out many different types of construction and masonry services in Yorktown. We’ll design any landscape feature or structure you want in top quality stone, authentic timbers, and sympathetic environmental design.

Want to discuss your landscaping options? Call us now!

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