Patio, Steps and Fire Pit Installation

This beautiful project was completed in Carmel, New York, a small, quaint town in Putnam County. This patio and outdoor area was the final finishing touch to a whole house renovation. The homeowners had just wrapped up a complete interior home renovation and the final stage was the construction of this large patio. We installed the Unilock Beacon Hill Flagstone pavers over a gravel sub-base and gravel setting base. The Tuscany color worked well with the three color Copthorne blend. To help break up the large area we added two landings using the three color Copthorne blend in a herringbone pattern. Unilock’s Ledgestone coping in Buff helped create the perfect looking steps. The custom fire pit was constructed using Brussels Block with a Copthorne accent and Ledgestone coping. Not pictured: We also installed a surface channel drain along the length of the patio edge to allow for proper drainage. The drain will pick up the water runoff from the patio.

Unilock Steel Mountain Beacon Hill Patio Installation

The existing, outdated faded red brick paver patio was demolished on day 1 of this project. The new entertaining space was then regarded and leveled before installing the new retaining and seating wall around the perimeter of the new patio area and entertaining space. This Unilock Beacon Hill Patio in the Steel Mountain Color selection was a beautiful upgrade to the client’s outdoor area and complimented the blue/gray color tones of the homes exterior. A new landing and step were installed using the same Unilock Beacon Hill Paver base and natural coping to lead from the sliding glass door to the patio. The Unilock retaining wall doubled as a seating wall in some areas, specifically around the fire pit that was installed using the Unilock Brussels dimensional limestone product with natural stone coping. We also installed pillars using the same Unilock Unilock Beacon Hill Paver in Steel Mountain with natural stone coping.

Unilock Beacon Hill NY Blend Patio Installation

This backyard started out as a flat, simple yard with a lot of green grass and landscape beds. Our clients wanted an additional outdoor entertaining area other than their existing wood deck. We designed and created a space that best fit their needs. We started out with a demo of the existing lawn area and digging to prepare for the Unilock Concord XL in Granite retaining wall installation. We then began the Unilock Patio installation in the Beacon Hill NY Blend color selection.

The final “Steps” were to install a bluestone stepping stone path to connect the front of the home to the backyard entertaining space and to install the Unilock Concord XL Steps with Unilock Ledgestone Coping. The Unilock pillars connect to the retaining wall and steps which create a distinct, grand entrance to the new patio area. The Unilock Pillars were also installed using the Unilock Concord XL in Granite with Ledgestone Coping.

The finishing touches of this project included new sod installation to repair the disturbed grass areas as well as the installation of Arborvitae is in the black mulch beds that provide a natural privacy screen or as others may call, privacy fence. The clients have a great area now to entertain, relax and dine in their newly improved outdoor patio area.

Backyard Transformation: Bluestone patio, Unilock Treo Tuscany Pool Patio, and Unilock Estate Wall Retaining Wall Installations

There is plenty of outdoor living with this fantastic project. This fun pool patio and the outdoor living project used many of Unilock’s amazing products. It features a Unilock Treo Tuscany patio with a Copthorne sailor course and Town Hall soldier course. The retaining walls were constructed using Unilock Estate Wall with Copthorne banding and Ledgestone coping.

We complemented the main pool patio space with an additional upper patio that was constructed using natural cleft bluestone. The foundation walls were dressed with a new stone veneer. To finish off the backyard and make it complete, new sod and perennials were planted to help soften up the hardscape.

This backyard oasis will provide years of fun and memories for our great clients and their family!

Unilock Concord XL & Concord & Richcliff Front Entrance

We were fortunate to work with the homeowners of this wonderful project 2 years in a row. We had the pleasure of working with them on creating a new front entrance. It wasn’t an easy task to design and build over 20 steps from their driveway to their front door. Our crew put their skills to use in combination with a great product to construct an award-winning project. The Unilock Concord wall system was used for retaining walls, garden walls, and steps. The Unilock Richcliff Elegance Line paver was used to create each landing.

Pool Patio and Bluestone Steppers

We started the project by demolishing the existing structures- retaining walls, steps and patio. We then installed a Unilock Retaining wall. We used the Unilock Concord Paver option to build this beautiful, updated retaining wall. This timeless look will be appropriate for many years to come. We then began installing the Unilock Brussels block for the pool patio. We completed the patio with blue stone coping installation around the perimeter of the pool. This helps to outline the pool and make it the focal point of this backyard space. The contrasting materials stand out here and we always suggest installing a contrasting border around any focal point in your yard whether it be a pool, a fountain, fire pit or another feature. For the entrance to this space, we installed a natural stone wall and two pillars to define and frame the new entertaining area. We brought in a gorgeous wrought iron gate which complements the existing wrought iron Fencing along our clients property. One of the final steps was installing these beautiful the blue-stone steppers. These blue-stone slabs create the perfect inviting pathway from the entrance of the home to the pool patio and entertaining space. The final touch is the landscape design- the cherry on top of this beautiful transformation. Our crew designed and installed the beautiful landscape beds that you see in the photos.

Blue Stone Pool Patio

When you think of a pool patio, many different stones and pavers probably come to mind. There isn’t necessarily a wrong or right! But there is always a good, better and best! Well, these Westchester County homeowners chose the best. There are many different cuts and grades of blue stone flagging. Thermal cut blue stone is uniform in color, cut and thickness. We demolished the old existing natural cleft blue stone patio around this pool. The Landwork crew then meticulously set up formwork to pour a concrete under the deck which acts as the support for this new beautiful patio. Stone by stone, we carefully set the patio over the concrete base in a mortar mix. The coping is made up of 6′  long blue stone slabs which helps define the pool edge. The work was completed in October and November 2014 and was ready for full use the following spring.

Natural Stone Courtyard

Many years ago, the Landwork crew began working at a modern house nestled off a dirt road deep in the hard woods. Prior to being put on the real estate market, the homeowners contracted us to work on a project which included landscape upgrades and railroad retaining wall repairs. Almost 12 years later, we were contacted by the new homeowners which had some great new visions. With their great assistance, the Landwork crew came up with a design that would lead to an amazing construction endeavor. Natural stone walls were constructed using proper drainage and footings to ensure longevity. Thermal blue stone flagging was set in a bed of mortar over reinforced concrete footings. The blue stone walkway was flanked with Mexican beach pebbles which helped accent the walkway. Natural stone steppers were carefully set to continue the flow and balance of the natural setting. Two amazing stone pillars set the stage for the grand entrance into this peaceful and tranquil home.

Natural Stone Steppers

  • Stones used as steps to create a pathway from main home to pool area

Unilock Brussels Block Patio

Unilock Patio that is sure to be a focal point of your outdoor space.

  • The installation process that we use for all of our Unilock installs is what is recommended by the manufacturer. The process that we follow for Unilock installations is as follows:
      • Install Item 4 gravel compacted sub-base and a sand setting base.
    • Unilock Pavers are installed over the sand setting base.

Unilock Treo Dessert Valley Walkway Installation

The Unilock Treo paver was used in this project in the “Dessert Valley” color option. An inviting walkway was designed to connect the driveway to the two existing stairways of the home. This project really helped to update the look and feel of the home. A new walkway can be the focal point that a house can use for a refresher.

Unilock Treo New York Blend Entryway Installation

The Unilock Treo paver was used in this project in the “New York Blend” color option. This paver matched the look of the home the best. The existing red brick walkway was removed on demo day by the Landwork Crew. As the pavers were laid, you could instantly see a drastic improvement to the home. This entryway was a major update for the home. We also designed a matching planting bed wall as well as a stairway and landing leading to the home. This entryway transformation left the homeowners very happy.

Unilock Westport Almond Grove Paver Patio

This Unilock Westport Patio in the Almond Grove paver selection is a gorgeous setting for any outdoor entertaining. The colors really blend well with the outdoor landscaping of this home

Unilock Treo Walkway

This Unilock Treo Walkway in the Dessert Valley color/style paver selection with Sycamore Soldier course (the dark border) created a “wow factor” for this home. This front entrance really elevates the overall look of this home.

White Vinyl Fence With Picket Tops

Front landscape design and installation: Our designers created a gorgeous planting bed with new shrubs and fresh black mulch. The dark colored mulch against the light colored home pop against the lush plants. This new landscape bed really makes the front entrance of this home stand out in the neighborhood. Our crew also installed the white Vinyl Fence with picket tops for privacy fencing needs as well as a property border. The traditional, clean lines of this type of fence will never go out of style.