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In landscaping, steps and retaining walls are problem solvers that create memorable landscapes. They offer a range of solutions to topography issues like slopes, managing drainage, and maintaining structural integrity in landscape construction.

They can also be exceptionally beautiful design choices. For us, working in the iconic environments of Westchester and Putnam counties in New York among some of America’s most fabulous homes and properties, Retaining Walls are a great design asset.


Steps, choices, and design options

The use of steps is a way of creating landscape shortcuts for access and, especially, for aesthetic management. Good stone steps always look great. They blend in seamlessly with New York’s rocky environment, and they also help to form part of elegant gardens and grounds walkways.

In all aspects of landscaping, steps provide practical options for managing access, and also for incorporating that access in to landscape designs. A sunken garden wall is well complemented by good steps, and a hilly environment is made a bit more accessible with strategically placed steps.

There’s another aspect of landscaped steps which is far less obvious – Safety. Difficult areas need management, and steep slopes need to be brought under control. These areas can be quite dangerous, particularly for kids or people with mobility issues. These high risk zones must be managed properly. When you’re thinking about risk management on your site, knowing that the tricky zones are under control is a major positive.

In modern landscaping, the design choices are endless for steps. Color, texture, and style are the main issues. Matching scenery, building design, and the overall aesthetic of the site are natural considerations.
With our top of the line products and CAD design, we can deliver any type of steps you want. You can simply pick your choices of all these features or just a few. Our steps designs are fully scalable, and can be either done as a separate job or as part of a larger integrated landscaping project.

Backyard Plantings on retaining brick wall

Retaining walls

Retaining walls do a lot more than simply “retain”. They’re also major site features. Large retaining walls are a big part of creating visual aesthetic. In addition to controlling soil movement and protecting the environment, they provide many interesting design choices for creating a fabulous landscape.

Good stone, for example, creates an instant range of choices for landscape features, gardens, and surrounding grounds. You can build in steps to deal with access problems or use the retaining wall as a backdrop for your garden. You can also use the retaining walls as the foundations for your trellises, or other high value garden assets.

For keen gardeners, retaining walls also serve as built-in protection for your precious plants. These walls are great for managing microclimates, helping prevent plants from overexposure to prevailing winds and excessive heat while stabilizing the soil. All of which is very useful when working with demanding garden plants.

Our range of retaining walls includes a full spectrum of design options and choice of materials. When designing retaining walls, our CAD design tools can create the perfect made to measure walls for even the toughest, most demanding site.

The most valuable feature of retaining walls actually is in their retaining function. Retaining walls are true problem-preventers. These walls stabilize soil around foundations, driveways, and other important areas. That’s extremely important if you’re on soil like clay, or land prone to water damage which leaves cuts in the soil structure. It’s no exaggeration to say retaining walls prevent catastrophic damage to landscapes and even homes.

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Landwork Contractors can provide a full range of construction and repair services for steps and retaining walls. We can build your steps and retaining walls from scratch according to your needs or work to repair or remodel your favorite feature. Let’s talk and discuss your site requirements and design preferences. Tell us what you want, and we’ll deliver.

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