Grounds Maintenance in Westchester County, NY

Grounds Maintenance in Westchester County

Reliable Commercial Grounds Maintenance Services

Grounds maintenance can be quite a demanding issue. If you have a large property, you need to factor in seasonal needs, basic routine management, and incident management.  Best practice is a regular grounds maintenance program in combination with incident management to prevent problems turning into big problems.

Commercial Grounds maintenance basics

Typically, our commercial grounds maintenance services are offered in yearly and seasonal maintenance agreements. We offer services to maintain, beautify and regulate your commercial grounds.

Lawns – Lawn maintenance can feel overwhelming. But, if you have a large lawn in combination with the garden, you can synchronize maintenance quite easily. The best way to do this is to get expert help on a routine basis to help you manage these large and sometimes demanding areas.


  • Residential environments –The area around the residence and other buildings is naturally more complex. This area must be well maintained to manage risk and remove hazards.
  • Property grounds –This large area often includes forest or woodland, a natural environment which must be protected from damage and seasonal debris. Debris can cause fire hazards, and significant risk to people moving in this area.
  • Gardens 
    • Formal gardens and other gardens require regular soil care, weeding, and in some cases incident management for pests, plant diseases and other problems.

    In our area of New York, grounds maintenance may involve very large areas surrounding some of the fabulous old homes in this region. Best practice is to ensure regular maintenance on a seasonal or annual basis, with incident management carried out ASAP.


  • Sports and Recreational fields- Our team of professionals

Defining your grounds maintenance needs

Depending on the nature of your property and the site location, you may need a little more or a little less maintenance. Landwork Contractors Inc. provides a complete range of services for both regular maintenance and incident management, on a needs basis.

If you have a large landscaped area, you may also need to carry out maintenance on landscape features like retaining walls, steps, and other features. This type of work is essential to maintain landscape integrity. For example – A retaining wall needs to be maintained to ensure soil stability.

Gardens, particularly formal gardens, do need regular maintenance services. Soil conditions and garden health can deteriorate after a severe winter or summer. Please note that it is very strongly advised to ensure that the incidence of garden damage is addressed as soon as possible.

Formal gardens must be maintained on a regular basis. These beautiful gardens are generally very reliable and hardy, but they do require proper upkeep. Impacted soil, weed growth, and plant diseases can also be highly destructive, requiring immediate attention.

Property grounds maintenance can be equally important, and in some cases vital. Managing fences, access ways, and similar landscape features may need to be conducted after storms, or after severe weather. Again, best practice is to carry out routine inspections and maintenance on a regular basis.


Our grounds maintenance service

Landwork Contractors Inc. provides a full spectrum of grounds maintenance services for our clients in the Westchester and Putnam counties. We also provide assistance with incident management as required. We work with many of the wonderful properties in the region, and we are completely familiar with the local problems regarding grounds maintenance, weather damage, and similar issues.

Our services include maintenance of landscaping features, remedial works, and repairs as well as grounds maintenance, integrated into our suite of services. We can also assist with redesign and re-development of existing landscaping features in concert with a grounds makeover. If you’re considering a refurbishment of your existing grounds, we can also assist with design and consulting services to help you in combination with grounds maintenance works.

An additional benefit of our grounds maintenance services is a site inspection. Our experts will be able to assist with identifying any issues and risks related to grounds management and landscaping features.

If you’d like to inquire about grounds maintenance services, or if you’d like to ask us some questions about our services, call us at (914) 479-2537 or send us a request online. We’ll be happy to discuss your needs and provide all the assistance you require.