Grading and Leveling

EXPERT Grading and Leveling in Westchester County, NY and Putnam County, NY

Professional Grading and Leveling  is one of top tools used for the ongoing care and aesthetic of landscapes. Without the right grading and leveling, you could have big problems on your hands. Landwork Contractors provides grading and leveling services for homes and businesses in the Westchester and Putnam County area. We work to make your favorite places even more beautiful and manageable all year long.


Grading and Leveling Services in Westchester County, NY and Putnam County, NY

The surrounding topography of our beautiful county can create some beautiful views with some big issues. Here’s how Landwork Contractors uses grading and leveling to manage these landscapes:

  • Protect Against Erosion- Adding the right slope or grade can help keep erosion from damaging your yard, home, or business.About Landwork Contractors & our team
  • Remove Difficult Areas or Add Textures- Grading can rearrange dirt or mounds of earth in a way that will level out your property and make it easier to walk on. Or you can add slopes, terraces, and dips to focus paths toward entrances.
  • Create Better Growth- Creating a more even landscape will also help you manage water run-off and drainage issues. Your lawn will also be better aerated and manageable after the process.
  • Remove Obstructions- Rocks, stumps, and clumps of land can be removed or reshaped during the grading process. Clearing these obstructions will not only make your property look better, it can also improve health and growth for your grass.
  • Reshaping with Rough Grading- Sometimes a lot of dirt has to be moved to create the right shape or a sound foundation. Rough grading is the method used to remove slopes for driveways and walkways or to create landscape design pieces such as hills, drainage slopes, and terraces.
  • Soil Back-filling- After you’ve removed and reshaped features, you will often have to add soil. This process is called back-filling. Our professional landscape design and construction teams will properly fill in the areas, making sure to spread topsoil in the appropriate places. This will help revitalize your lawn and create a healthy foundation for your landscape to continue growing.
  • Finished Grading- The final step in all grading plans includes finish grading. Here your professional landscaper will level, smooth and prepare your landscape for other projects or future growth. 

The professionals at Landwork Contractors provide a number of leveling and grading services for residential and commercial properties throughout the Westchester and Putnam County area.

Our grading and leveling services include:

  • landworkcontractors-pavment-workSite evaluations for difficult slopes or uneven ground– We personally inspect grades in your landscaping and work with you to both meet local grading codes and create the design you are looking for. Our landscape construction team is made up of skilled, experienced, and licensed staff to meet your landscape grading and leveling needs.
  • Leveling– Leveling out overly hilly areas or rocky patches helps create and maintain safe passages on your property. Leveling will also create a stable foundation for any additional construction.
  • Manage Water Run-Off– Our staff takes an in-depth look at the topography, soil, water table and other factors involved in the design of your landscape. As we design the appropriate slope, grade or retaining wall, we will consider all the factors involved to make sure water run-off is properly managed.
  • Create Drainage- Our drainage experts have multiple services that can be included while we work on grading and leveling your landscape.
  • Landscape Design and Construction- Creating the perfect landscape design often requires some grading or leveling. Our landscape construction experts can help you plan stairways, pathways, slopes, patios, and much more.


Benefits of Grading and Leveling your property:

We are lucky to live in some of the most beautiful landscapes in the nation. The rolling hills, lovely valleys, and incredible rivers create gorgeous views. Although beautiful, these variable leveled landscapes can also create issues for building, planting, or pathways. Almost 90% of structural issues are caused by a lack of stability or water run-off from surrounding slopes. Plus, with hilly areas, you also have to worry about mold, infections in your grass, water tables, and drainage issues. A professional grading and/or leveling service can help you tame these beautiful hills while bringing health and beauty to your home or business.

Grading and leveling offer a number of benefits for your property:



  • Create Stability In Projects
  • Provide Proper Draining
  • Give New Life to Your Yard or Garden
  • Prevent Pest and Disease Issue for Your Home
  • Reinvigorate Your Lawn, Garden, or Courtyard
  • Add Contrast in Your Landscape
  • Create Memorable Landscape Designs
  • Prevent Erosion
  • Create Level Areas for Safe Pathways

If you have any questions about Grading and Leveling for your property, call us today at 914-479-2537. We can’t wait to answer your questions and come up with some solutions for your landscape. You can even request an appointment online