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Pruning and Trimming in Westchester County, NY


grey brick house with nice landscapeIn our corner of New York, lawn care is an art form, requiring skilled care and constant maintenance. This is especially true for our beautiful bushes, flowering trees, and fruit trees. Pruning and trimming your trees requires expert knowledge and precision techniques to ensure the beauty and health of your landscape. The team of landscape experts at Landwork Contractors is proud to live and work in this famous region, providing expert care and skilled pruning and trimming techniques to keep your landscape thriving.

Why Is Pruning Important?

Proper pruning is vital to the health and strength of many trees, shrubs, and flowering bushes. There are a number of reasons to prune your tree including:

  • evergreen shrubsWater sprouts or tree-suckers are fast growing limbs that steal nutrients from the rest of the plant. If left on their own, these limbs will can:
    • Drown out sunshine.
    • Create open wounds from rubbing on other limbs.
    • Increase the risk of disease and decay.
    • Suffocate the other areas of the tree, bush or shrub.
  • Tidy Up Lawns – Trees and bushes that grow out of control can create dead limbs, leaves, and branches that litter up your lawn. Pruning is an option in our fall cleanup services.
  • Control Growth – If you have trees or shrubbery near your home, fence, or driveway, pruning can help contain growth. This will keep your beautiful roses or fruit trees from invading other areas of your home.
  • Rejuvenate Growth – Pruning can encourage growth in plants with multi-stemmed growth.
  • blooming treesPrevent Property Damage – Leaving limbs alone can create dead wood that will quickly collapse or be blown down in a storm. This could damage your home, your car, and even endanger your family.
  • Prevent Disease – Branches can break, die off, or be damaged by nature. When this happens, your plant becomes susceptible to disease. Proper pruning techniques will prevent decay and disease before it happens.
  • Get More Blooms – When your trusted landscaper in Westchester county properly prunes your shrubs and/or trees, you’ll see more blooms. Even better, these blooms will be more vibrant and beautiful than before.

Pruning is a Precise Science

Spring and fall are the main seasons for pruning. Though every plant is different, most pruning takes place in the spring. However, some plants need to be pruned during the beginning of spring, some during the end, and some throughout the season. In fall, some trees and shrubs will need to be winterized and some will simply need to be cleaned up. Pruning the wrong limb, or pruning at the wrong time can wreck your lovely landscaping.

Proper pruning takes precision and patience. The experts at Landwork Contractors have the experience, knowledge, and skill to keep your plants pruned to perfection. We offer a variety of pruning and trimming services to keep your lawn fresh and tidy all year long, including:

  • garden with white fance for plantsSpring Pruning
  • Regular Trimming and Pruning Maintenance
  • Limb Removal
  • Leaf Removal
  • Rose Bush Maintenance
  • Fall Clean Up Plans
  • Fruit Tree Trimming

Leave the Pruning to the Professionals, While You Relax

Pruning and trimming is a year-round chore. Let Landwork Contractors do it for you! With our expert care, your home or business landscaping will stay beautiful and healthy. We do the hard work and heavy lifting so you don’t have to. Call us today at 914-479-2537 and let us tackle your trimming and pruning needs. You can also make an appointment online. We’ll have your landscape looking picture perfect in no time.