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Commercial Services

Landwork Contractors Commercial Services

Landwork Contractors Inc. offers a full range of services for commercial properties.

Property management and grounds maintenance packages:

We work closely with many commercial clients including: towns and municipalities, private and professional buildings such as restaurants and businesses, schools, and senior centers.
We offer seasonal and yearly property maintenance packages for commercial clients. We also offer all-inclusive property maintenance packages as well as “a-la-cart pricing” options.

Our grounds maintenance packages include (but are not limited to the following):

  • Seasonal Clean-Ups: Once in the Spring and once in the Fall
    • Typically, a one-time visit that includes a thorough, full sweep cleaning of the entire property
      • Removal of any debris left behind from previous season
    • Weekly Grounds Maintenance Visits
      • Clearing the property including pavement areas and landscape beds of leaves, debris, and garbage.
      • Continual check-ups by our maintenance crew
    • Weekly Lawn Maintenance Visits
      • Mowing and trimming lawn areas.
      • Weed-whacking and picking weeds where necessary.
      • Blowing and raking leaves and debris from lawn areas.
      • Blowing and removing all grass clippings
    • Seasonal Planting Installations
      • Spring Annuals
      • Fall Mums
      • Holiday Displays
        • Festive holiday tree decorating
        • Holiday lighting available upon request
        • Harvest Displays
        • Decorative wreaths for holidays year-round
      • Trimming and pruning Services
        • Trimming and pruning all plants on the property during the correct time of year.

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Commercial Exterior Masonry and Construction:

Commercial exteriors are often very demanding spaces to manage and maintain. The exterior appearance of any commercial premises has to be excellent. Access and amenities have to be appealing.

We offer the following Commercial exterior construction services:

  • Retaining wall services
    • Retaining wall installation
    • Retaining wall repair
    • Stone retaining walls
    • Unilock retaining wall
    • Functional retaining wall/ seating walls
  • Concrete Masonry Services
    • Concrete curb installation
    • Parking curb installation
    • Concrete Courtyards
    • Concrete patios
    • Concrete walkways
    • Concrete foundations
  • Step construction
    • Paver step installations
    • Unilock step installations
    • Bluestone step installations
    • Concrete step installations
    • Natural stone step installation
    • Coordinating handrail installations
  • Drainage Services: We offer expert advice for managing and maintaining run-off and drainage issues
    • French Drains
    • Gravel Drains
    • Trench Drains
    • Catch Basins
    • Gutter Leader Drains
    • Curb Drains
    • Lawn Drains
    • Topsoil Installation
  • Beach Restoration projects
    • Re-leveling beach fronts
    • Sand installation
  • Fencing installation
    • Wooden fences and man-made fencing available

Commercial Landscape Design Services:

Our designers work one on one with property managers to make a vision come to life. Our landscape design services include:

  • Landscape Bed Installations
  • Mulch Installations
  • Planting Installations
    • Ornamental grasses
    • Shrubs
    • Trees
    • Flowering plants
  • Landscape Features
    • Pergola installation
    • Gardens
    • Seating areas

Want to discuss your commercial property needs?

For more information, and to discuss your commercial property needs, simply contact us at 914-479-2537. We’ll be happy to provide all the information you want, answer your questions, and help you find the solutions you need.