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Fall Clean Up

Professional Fall Clean Up And Lawn Care services In Westchester And Putnam Counties

leaf in grassFrom dry soil to falling leaves and branches, lawns need special care during fall. All that debris and heat from summer can choke the roots of your grass and destroy your yard. Landwork Contractors has over 18 years of experience in the Westchester and Putnam Counties. Our experts offer all the services you need to turn your fall landscape into a masterpiece.

Fall Clean-Up and Maintenance Services

  • Tidying Lawns- Before our maintenance teams can begin caring for your lawn and landscaping, they may need to do a little tidying. We’ll carefully remove dead branches and debris that may have collected over the summer months. Our experts will make sure your lawn is ready for fall lawn maintenance.
  • lawn aeratingAeration- One of the most important things you can do for your lawn is fall aeration. During the summer months, the dry weather and constant traffic pack soil and grass tightly together. Our team of lawncare experts use specialized tools to poke small holes into the soil which allows for more sunlight, nutrients, water, and oxygen to reach the roots. Aeration helps renew and revive your fall lawn but also provides a foundation for a healthy lawn in spring and summer.
  • Overseeding- Aeration and overseeding go hand in hand to create a strong and healthy lawn. After your lawn has been carefully aerated, the skilled lawncare experts at Landwork Contractors will overseed your lawn, carefully dispersing new seeds over the grass. Combining Aeration and Overseeding gives your lawn the chance to create new and healthier growth before the first freeze.
  • Leaf Removal- Autumn leaves are lovely to look at but they can really wreck your lawn. Our team will carefully blow away leaves and even offer relocation and removal to completely tidy your lawns.
  • lawn mowingProfessional Mowing Services- Lawns need to be mowed properly during fall. This means cutting the grass to the right length for optimal growth. We will make sure your lawn is beautifully manicured all year long.
  • Pruning- Fall pruning is an important part of regular lawn and garden maintenance. Watersprouts that have developed in the summer can quickly take over and starve healthy trees. We will carefully cut back new growth and keep your shrubs and trees growing strong.
  • Irrigation Planning- If you’ve experienced drainage or irrigation difficulties during the summer months, fall is a great time to address these issues. We provide the following services to help solve your irrigation problems:
  • Fall Plantings- Fall is the perfect time to for bringing some beauty back into your landscaping. Landwork Contractors offers a beautiful array of bright colorful fall plantings like colored mums and new evergreen shrubs. This is also the perfect time to plan for your spring garden with fall bulbs. Planting in the fall helps ensure a strong and vibrant garden in spring.
  • complete Landscape Design of a hill with a brick walkwayHarvest Decoration Services- We know a lot of the residents in Westchester and Putnam Counties look forward to the celebrations that come with fall weather. We offer unique and personalized harvest displays for fall sports and/or holiday. Options include:
    • Wreaths
    • Hay Bales
    • Mums
    • Harvest Vegetables and Pumpkin Displays
    • Much More

Save Time and Money, Leave Fall Clean Up to the Professionals!

Fall lawn maintenance and clean up can be difficult and back breaking work. However, the work that is done today will prevent decay, disease, and expensive repairs tomorrow. Leave the hard work to the experts at Landwork Contractors. We’ll deliver expert care for your lawn and garden with results you’ll love. Call us today at 914-479-2537. Or make an appointment online, we’ll take care of the rest.