Lawn & Sod Installations in Westchester & Putnam County

Lawn and Sod Installations in Westchester County

Create The Lawn You’ll Love With Professional Landscape Installations

leveling for sod installationLandwork Contractors is the premier lawn and sod installation provider for Westchester and Putnam Counties. We have over 16 years of experience in local landscaping installation, maintenance, and care. We know exactly what your lawn needs to grow healthy and beautiful. Our experts are:

  • Licensed: We hold Westchester and Putnam County Home Improvement Licenses.
  • Fully Insured: Including General Liability and Workers Compensation
  • Up to Date: Our experts are continuously learning and training with the latest techniques, field courses, and research from leading professionals in the landscaping field.
  • High-Quality Results– We use only the best in sod and seeding products to deliver the best in high-quality beautiful lawn installations.
  • Available: We are always ready to answer your questions and provide prompt service.

Lawn Installations

insalled-sodOur lawns are one of the first things people notice about our homes. A lush beautiful lawn can improve curb appeal and increase the property value of your home. It can also create a beautiful sanctuary for you and your family.

Over time, grass can become dried out, diseased, or irrigation issues can wreck the health and beauty of your lawn. A lawn installation will improve the look, feel, and health of your lawn. The experts at Landwork Contractors refresh and renew your lawn with professional Lawn Installations in Westchester County, NY.

Seeding Installations

Lawns can be renewed by a seeding installation. During seeding, new seeds are placed on the soil to create a new lawn. To ensure proper installation, our experts prepare the lawn for seeding. This can include grading the lawn, adding topsoil, and even drainage installations if needed.

Once the lawn is prepared, your choice of grass seed will be broadcast over the soil. We will put a thin layer of straw on top of the seed to provide the necessary nutrients needed for seed growth and keep seeds warm during germination. After the seeds take root, you will have a beautiful lawn you can love all year long.

lawn aerationBenefits of Seeding

  • Lower Installations Costs
  • Larger Variety of Grass Choices
  • Deeper Grass Roots

Seeding a new lawn takes time, patience and hard work. Our team of experts is here to provide care and protection for your lawn every step of the way.

Sod Installations

Gives you the beautiful lawn you’ve been waiting for almost instantly. During a sod installation, new grass is laid out on your lawn much like the carpet is laid out in your home.

First, our experts will completely grade and prepare your lawn. We’ll make sure the soil is rich and ready to accept the new sod installation. Next, our skilled team of professional landscapers will carefully install the sod by gently rolling it out over the soil. If needed, fertilizer and water will be added to the sod. Within hours, you’ll have a brand new lawn that looks healthy and fresh.

sod installationBenefits of Sod Installations

  • Instant New Look– Lawns will look brighter and more alive immediately following a sod installation.
  • Establishes Root Systems Quickly– Roots take only 2 – 3 weeks to become established
  • Improves Erosion Issues Immediately– The new grass will help prevent and slow erosion issues as soon as it has been installed.
  • Flexibility– You can install sod anytime during the regular growing season as long as you avoid extreme heat.
  • Lowers Weeds– Sod blocks out weed seedlings and helps prevent the spread of weeds.
  • Quick Use– After the sod has taken root, you can have normal foot traffic, including pets and entertaining guests. This takes just a few weeks.

Sod installations require expert handling and precision installations. Talk to your trusted landscaper in Putnam County, NY and Westchester County, NY for your sod installation needs.

The Landwork Contractors team delivers the beautiful results you trust. We are here to answer your lawn installation questions. Please call us today at 914-479-2537 or make an appointment online. We can’t wait to transform your home into your own private retreat.