Since 2000, the team of experts at Landwork Contractors have been helping keep the historic beauty of Philipstown alive and well. Our experts work on each aspect of your landscaping and hardscaping. We use only the best in materials and techniques to bring your landscape design to life. We take our inspiration from the gorgeous landscape of the natural beauty that abounds in Putnam County. We work with your vision every step of the way, from design to installation to year-round maintenance. We’ll do all the hard work so you don’t have to.

Our comprehensive approach to landscaping means we have specialists in every area of landscape design and maintenance. Our team will carefully create your landscape from scratch to fit your personal style and your needs. We then work together with our clients to provide them with top-quality maintenance and year-round maintenance for years to come. We keep your landscape and lawn healthy and beautiful all year long. With our help, you’ll have an outdoor space you’ll love coming home to.

Landscape Design in Philipstown, NY

One of the main concerns of many homeowners is that they’ll end up with something that doesn’t match their vision. They worry that their ideas and dreams will somehow get lost in translation. With our landscape design team, you’ll get a personal touch and the results you’ve been hoping for.

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First, our team sits down with potential clients and discusses their ideas and must-haves. We go over every idea and dream you have to make sure we understand what you are seeing. We also use our expert knowledge to help you find designs that will work with your terrain and even protect your home.

Next, the team of design experts creates your design on our state of the art 3D CAD technology. This incredible program allows you to see your design before we lay the first brick or install the first plant.  

That outdoor kitchen you’ve been dreaming of? The pool patio and walkway you’ve wanted for years? Our team will complete your project on our CAD equipment and let you custom craft the design you’ve been dreaming of. A few of our Landscape Design options include:

Unilock Steel Mountain Beacon Hill Patio Installation8

Philipstown Lawn Maintenance

Of all the landscaping chores, lawn maintenance is the one most homeowners dread. It’s hot, hard work that can often take hours at a time. Plus, there’s a long list of supplies and equipment needed to keep your lawn healthy and trim. There’s also seasonal chores you’ll need to see to like Aeration and Overseeding, spring plantings, pulling weeds, and irrigation. Save time and money by leaving it to our expert lawn maintenance team at Landwork Contractors.

We have all the equipment and supplies you’ll ever need to make your lawn look lush and green. Since we are locally owned and operated, we also understand exactly how to care for your lawn in Philipstown, NY. You won’t have to waste your money on equipment, supplies, or a place to store it all. We’ll also save you a world of time by getting the job done quickly and professionally, so you can just relax.

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We take care of every aspect of your lawn care and maintenance needs to keep your yard in picture-perfect shape.  Here are a few of our lawn care and maintenance services.

Our experts will provide the same love and care to your lawn as they do with their own. We will also work with you to create a lawn maintenance plan that works best for your budget and your landscaping needs. With our help, you’ll have a lawn that will make the golf pros jealous. The best part is that you’ll get to sit back and enjoy it.

Customize Hardscaping and Masonry in Philipstown

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Hardscaping features are a welcome addition to any home or business. Adding fencing, decks, patios, and walkways help add a personal touch to your favorite space. They also add value to your home.

Picture enjoying your favorite view with your favorite people as you enjoy a warm fire or cool down at the pool after a long day. Hardscaping features add more space and versatility while providing a new retreat for your family and friends. Hardscapes can also provide protection against erosion.

With a skilled team of masons, Landwork Contractors can provide you with the hardscape design you’ve been dreaming of. In fact, our masons have over 300 years of combined experience. We also are Authorized Unilock Contractors, so you know you’re getting the very best. Some of our projects include:

pool with stone patio

Create Your Dream Design Now!

There’s no reason to wait. Make your dream design a reality today. The team at Landwork Contractors are here to help. Give us a call today at  (914) 479-2537, or make an appointment online. We’re ready to bring that dream to life.