10 Benefits of Aerating Your Lawn in Fall

Professional Aeration Services in Westchester County Give You a Lawn You’ll Love

new sod installation completed with mown lawnOne of the best ways to keep a lawn lush and beautiful is Aeration. Landwork Contractors has come up with a quick list of the top ten benefits of aeration to get your lawn in beautiful shape.

What is Aeration?

Aeration is the term for removing pieces of soil and grass in your lawn. Experts carefully remove plugs of compacted grass and soil, creating tiny holes in the ground. This process helps air, water, sunlight, and nourishment to reach down deep into the soil.


The benefits of aerations can completely transform a dry and dying lawn. Here are the top ten benefits of aeration according to our experts at Landwork Contractors.

  1. Promotes Stronger Root Growth– After aeration, sunlight, water, and nutrients can better reach the roots of your grass. The result is cushiony grass that is stronger, greener, and more vibrant.
  2. Reduces Harmful Compaction– After months of heavy traffic or dry conditions, your soil can get packed tightly together. Aeration opens up the soil to reduce compaction.
  3. Lowers Lawn Maintenance Needs– Grass that is stronger and healthier will naturally require less maintenance.
  4. Improves Oxygen Levels in the Soil– Aeration creates areas where oxygen can pass through the soil, reaching more roots.
  5. Improves Sunlight Intake – Sunlight gets blocked out by impacted grass. Aerating will increase sunlight levels and create healthier grass.
  6. black sprouting soilEncourages New Growth– With all those wonderful nutrients, oxygen, and water, aerated soil is more likely to accept and encourage new growth.
  7. Decreases Run-Off and Pooling/Puddling– Aeration helps the ground soak in the right amount of water instead of having it puddle on the top of the soil. Creating proper drainage also lowers disease and decay in your lawn.
  8. Improves Resistance to Heat and Stress– As the soil soaks in nutrients and water, it is able to stand up to heat and stress better.
  9. Improves the Breakdown of Thatch– A layer of thatch, (dead grass and debris that gathers at the top of soil)  can destroy a lawn. Aeration breaks up the thatch and encourages proper deterioration of leftover thatch.
  10. Reduces Disease– When left alone, thatch creates a perfect environment for disease and decay. Aeration disrupts the accumulation of thatch and helps protect against disease.

If you have questions about aerating your lawn, Landwork Contractors has the answers. Call us today at 914-479-2537, or make an appointment online. Your lawn will be green and gorgeous in no time.

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