Brighten Up With Fall Planting

Fall planting is the best way to add brilliant color and staying power to your landscaping. There are many varieties perfect for planting in the fall.

  • Mums
  • Flowering Trees
  • Spring Bulbs
  • Ornamental Shrubs
  • Foundational Planting
  • Evergreen Screens.

The hardest part will be picking what to plant. Our team at Landwork Contractors specializes in creating beautiful unique spaces. Call us to help you design your own personal work of living art.

Why Fall?

In other seasons, it is hard to get a plant in the ground that has a chance to take root. Summer is too dry and hot. Winter is too wet and cold. Spring can have very unpredictable weather. Fall is just right for planting a variety of trees, shrubs and flowers. The mixture of cooler air and soil still warm from the summer creates the perfect combination for plants to take root and thrive. Plants also have fewer threats from bugs and diseases during fall. Add it together and fall planting is a winning recipe for amazing grounds all year long.

Spruce it up!

If you like to change things up, fall is the great time to start. Here’s a rundown of a few fall planting varieties.

  • Mums – If planted correctly and early enough in the fall, mums will add beautiful bursts of color in fading gardens. To keep mums producing the following spring, make sure they don’t get too wet in the winter. Landwork Contractors can help you properly plant and care for your mums all year round. Loved for their vibrant hues, healthy appearance and easy care, Mums remain the most popular choice for fall.

colorful mums - LandworkContractors

  • Spring Bulbs –For success your spring bulbs like daffodils and tulips need to start in the fall. Fall soil and air temperature is perfect for planting spring bulbs. You might need to check your zone for plant hardiness. Our team at Landwork Contractors can take all care of all the planning and planting.
  • Flowering Trees –Beautiful blooms from trees like the Eastern Redbud, Flowering Dogwood or Black Cherry bring romance and comfort to any home. Though enjoyed every season, flowering trees are best planted in the fall when their roots can expand. Situating the trees takes some consideration. However, after they are planted they will bloom for years.
  • Ornamental Shrubs – Lovely shrubs like Glossy Abelia, Rose Daphne, and Beauty Berry require important planting techniques. Special initial care including, watering root-balls, sideways root carving, and proper sunlight are needed for ornamental shrubs. Landwork Contractors handles the hard work and leaves you with beautiful results. Once these gorgeous shrubs take root, they are easy to maintain for years to come.
  • Evergreen Screens – A screen of beautiful lush evergreens creates the best privacy. Natural screens of evergreens or hedges cut noise pollution by up to 15 decibels or ½ the noise registered by the human ear. Ultimate size of these plants must be considered before planting. Trees must be spaced away from buildings and power lines. Professional contractors can space each tree perfectly for both safety and beauty.
  • Foundational Planting –A welcoming feel all around the home comes from foundational planting. Entrance ways, corner planting and transition areas are all parts of foundational planting. You can use any combination of flowers, flowing trees, ornamental shrubs and screens to personalize your home. Landwork Contractors is the best source for all in one care. We design, supply, space and plant your vision of foundational planting.

Welcome Home

Whichever plants you choose, fall is the perfect time to recreate your home or add a splash of color. Landwork Contractors can help you create a warm, inviting home you can’t wait to relax in. Call us today at 914-479-2537 or schedule an appointment online to get started on your fall wonderland.

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