Creating Your Dream Landscape in Challenging Areas

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Plots of land can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Our beautiful Hudson River Valley region also comes with a lot of rolling hills and rocky terrain that can be difficult to manage.  The team at Landwork Contractors have worked with difficult landscapes in Westchester and Putnam Counties for over 16 years. Our experts can help you find the right plan to get the most out of your unusual space. Here are just a few issues many homeowners and businesses face during landscape construction.

Odd Shapes and Sizes in Landscapes

Irregular Areas- Lots don’t come in picture perfect shapes. While designing landscapes for unusual shapes and spaces can be difficult, they can also be some of the most unique and beautiful grounds. Solve this issue with some of these design techniques:

  • Use unusually shaped areas to create dramatic gardens that flow with the shape.
  • Create special areas in nooks for reading, reflecting, or just relaxing.
  • Place a fire pit in special remote areas to create a camping space.
tiny stone patio

Tiny Yards- Small yards can feel like a huge challenge when you want a beautiful landscape. However, if you try some of these design options, they can become lush and homey.

  • Plant vertical gardens to give the illusion of more space.
  • Enlarge the area by creating built-in seating and gardens into retaining walls.
  • Adding a pergola or arbor and make your tiny space feel like a comfy extension of your house.
stone back yard patio

Uneven Grounds- Yards that go up and down and all over the place can feel impossible to design. Sloping land is hard to walk on, difficult to enjoy, and can create drainage issues for your land. Try these options to get the landscape you’ll love.

  • Create separate areas on the levels in your land, like an outdoor kitchen on lower terraces and a playground on upper terraces.
  • Reshape the landscape with grading and leveling services.
  • Get rid of drainage problems with irrigation services and French drain installations.
  • Add steps to hilly areas to remove dangerous areas and connect different spaces of your landscape.

Get the Landscape You Want No Matter What

The rugged landscape of our Hudson Valley region can create some serious challenges in landscape design. Call Landwork Contractors today at 914-479-2537 or make an appointment online. Our team of experts can help you tame that natural wild element and turn your unusual space into a unique work of art.

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