Design Your Dream Retreat for A Summer Staycation You’ll Love

Professional Landscape Design in Westchester County Provide Relaxation Right Outside Your Door

pool paversWhat if you could come home to your dream retreat every night? The experienced landscape design team at Landwork Contractors have been crafting dream retreats for our clients since 2006. Here are a few tips to help you get the perfect design for a relaxing staycation.

Step One- Design with Your Dream in Mind

The first step in creating your personal retreat is known what you want. As you design, think of your dream retreat.

  • Browse your favorite sites for inspirations, like our Houzz site to see past projects we love.
  • Write down activities you and your family enjoy. Grilling, sitting by the fire, relaxing by the pool or simply gardening fresh vegetables.
  • Consider the materials you like including pavers, wood types, trees, and plants that make you feel relaxed.
  • Don’t forget to include seating options. Consider built-in wall seating or hanging hammocks.

Endless Summer, Endless Options

Now it’s time to start your plan. Remember all the things you listed in your dream design. Start to choose your options. Here are just a few:

natural stone pool patioWater Features- Being near water is not only soothing, it’s scientifically proven to be good for you. To help you relax, consider a water feature. You can add a small koi pond, or full brook or a simple fountain in your pool.

Dining- Eating outside is fun and relaxing. Consider adding a full outdoor kitchen complete with brick oven, refrigerator, and sink or simply add a built-in grill. Fire-pits are also great for extending your outdoor fun all year long.

Privacy- It’s hard to escape to a quiet place when you don’t have any privacy. Choose a privacy fence that works for you. From beautiful cedar fences tall fir trees, you can enclose your favorite spot easily. You’ll soon feel transported to another world.

Don’t Forget Safety- Patios and walkways not only complete the look of your home, they also keep you and your family safe. The right patio and/or walkway can guide family members away from dangerous spots in your lawn and create slip resistant paths for rainy days.

Green and Beautiful- Your retreat won’t be complete without the proper landscaping. Ornamental grasses can create a beachy feel while blooming bushes can add pop, color and fragrant breezes by the pool.

No matter what you decide, the experts at Landwork Contractors are here to craft your dream getaway, right outside your door. Call us today at 914-479-2537, or make an appointment online. We’ll transform your backyard into your favorite vacation spot for summer.


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