Evergreens Stay Lush with Proper Pruning

Professional Pruning for Your Evergreens

With frost still on the ground, the time to prune your evergreens is now. Lush evergreens require special trimming and pruning techniques. The experts at Landwork Contractors know the special requirements needed to keep your evergreens growing green and healthy. Here’s everything you need to know about keeping evergreens healthy and beautiful all year long.

Pruning Essentials

Pruning is an essential part of tree care, especially for deciduous trees. These trees grow in odd directions. When they grow too big, they are susceptible to disease. Too many limbs can cause a tree to dry out.  

Pruning is used to cut back those diseased, dying or unruly limbs. If done properly pruning can help trees or shrubs grow healthier or revive leaves. It can even save the rest of your garden from pests and disease.

planted evergreen trees

Wild Growth- Evergreen trees can be downright wild. Limbs and branches stick out everywhere. Some areas of the trees grow rapidly, creating a lumpy appearance. Taming your evergreen means you’ll need to carefully remove unruly limbs.

Overcrowding Growth- Left alone, an evergreen can quickly take over your garden or landscape. Soon there will be no place to walk and most of your plants will be overwhelmed and starving. A proper trimming will control extreme growth and create a healthy balance for your garden.

Reshaping- Evergreens grow in undefined ways. They can grow up, down, out, and everything in between. Specialized trimming can help create uniform shapes and designs. You can also use this opportunity to design fun topiaries in your evergreen bushes.

stone walkway

Suffocation of New Growth-As with overcrowding, uncontrolled growth can suffocate and starve your trees. Excessive limbs and branches keep oxygen, light, and water from reaching limbs and roots. You’ll be looking at a dried out and dying garden in the spring. Have a professional landscaper come and remove the extra growth during pruning to make them look like these regal beauties.  

Keep Evergreens Strong with Winter Trimming and Pruning

Evergreens need special attention, even in winter. Leave the work to Landwork Contractors. We have a team of skilled landscapers have years of experience caring for evergreens. Call us today at 914-479-2537 or make an appointment online. We will prune your landscape to perfection!

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