Fire Pit Fun Doesn’t End with Summer

Fall is a Great Time to Enjoy Your Fire Pit

fire pit from stoneYou installed a fire pit this summer. The long warm days have grown cooler. The sun fades a little sooner. Summer is almost over. You may be thinking, “What do we do now?” Don’t let fun fade with summer. Cooler nights mean more fireside time with family and friends.  Mix in food, drinks and games and you’ll wonder why you didn’t start sooner. If you haven’t gotten a fire pit yet, it’s not too late. Landwork Contractors can get yours ready to enjoy all year long! We have an experienced team of masons that can create a cozy fire pit to start enjoying as the temperatures cool.

Extending Your Outdoor Time is Easy with a Fire Pit

Summer is winding down and no one wants it to end. Don’t worry. You can still enjoy the outdoors with your fire pit. Here are some ideas to extend the life of your fire pit gatherings:

Start or end your dinner party outside: Who says you have to eat every course of your meal inside?? Change things up. Treat your guests to cocktails and appetizers around the fire; lead them into your home for the main course and then transition back outside to enjoy your dessert fireside. You can even enjoy a nice after dinner drink around the fire. Is there anything more relaxing than enjoying a warm fire? Landwork Contractors can make it even more comfortable with some wall seating.

Did someone say movie night? Everyone should experience Hollywood in their own backyard cinema. Bring out your portable tablet or invest in a projection system. Pull up a screen, set up the surround sound, and settle in for an amazing movie experience. Our experts can help you design the perfect spot for your outdoor cinema.  You can even try popping an old fashion Jiffy Pop right on your fire top! As always, practice extreme caution when around the fire.

Make S’MORE night MORE nights! Get creative with your S’MORE nights; you don’t have to stick to the classic chocolate bar, marshmallows, and Graham Cracker outline: think outside the graham cracker BOX and get creative! A few favorites:

  • smores in brick fire pitRoasted Pineapple and marshmallow sandwich
  • Roasted Pound Cake and Melted Chocolate Sandwich
  • Chocolate Cookie S’mores! Fresh cookies with melted marshmallows inside, YUM!
  • S’mores pops, take your melted marshmallow and dip it in graham cracker crumbs

The sky’s the limit when it comes to s’more fun!

Fall family fun game night! These can be really fun times for kids and adults of all ages! Play charades, catchphrase or catch lightening bugs by the fire. The possibilities are endless.

Cook in your fire pit! You can use your fire pit as a place to gather and as a place to grill! Cook up some dinner in the fire pit. Place a grill top on your fire pit and now you have an intimate cooking experience. Adults can experience the simple joy of cooking with a fire pit. You’ll feel like a kid again. It’s like camping in the convenience of your own backyard! The hardest part will be picking the menu. How about fire roasted chicken or maybe steak kabobs?

Remember to use safe cooking practices and clean up always makes life easier. It also extends the life of your equipment.

Cozy Quiet Time Grab a blanket and share some childhood stories with the kids. Reminisce with old friends and enjoy a glass of wine. Watch the warm gold hues shimmer against your tranquil landscape. Take in views of the stars under the Westchester County night sky.  With your fire pit, you can enjoy long cozy nights by the fire with family and friends, and the close comforts of home.

Fire Pit Fun Has Just Begun!

square brick fire pitSummer may be slowing down, but your fire pit fun is just beginning. Let Landwork Contractors help you design a space that’s perfect for you and your loved ones, call us at 914-479-2537 or make an appointment online while you relax. Your family will love it.

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