Firewood and Fireplace Safety Tips for a Cozy, Warm Winter

Professionals Provide Seasoned Cords of Wood to Keep Your Home-Fires Burning

fire pit from stoneWinchester winters can chill you right to the bone. From your fireplace to your outdoor fire pit, coming home to a nice warm fire can be the perfect end to the day. However, if you choose the wrong wood or don’t follow fire safety, your relaxing could turn into a stressful mess. The team at Landwork Contractors has compiled a list of safety tips to keep your fire roaring without the stress.

  • Know How to Spot Bad Wood- You can’t just throw any wood on the fire. Certain kinds of woods can be damaging to your home, your health, and the environment. Avoid the following wood.
  • Wet Wood-When you place a wet log in the fire, your fire will need to use more energy before the wood can create warmth. As the wood dries out it causes more smoke. Smoke and ash cause creosote to build-up in your chimney, damaging the brick and creating a dangerous fire hazard in your home. Wet wood can also contain mold, adding another health hazard to your home.
  • Old Furniture or Construction Materials- You should never burn wood from old furniture or treated for construction purposes. This wood contains certain chemicals to help the wood withstand weathering. When you burn this wood, it will release those chemicals into the air, creating a dangerous health issue. Never burn this type of wood in your fireplace or fire pit.
  • Christmas Trees- Never, never burn a Christmas Tree in your fireplace. Christmas trees dry out quickly, so they can burst into flames and spread out of control quickly.
  • Fresh Wood- If you’re enjoying your fire pit, don’t just put the nearest wood into your fire. Using freshly cut wood seems like a good idea, but it is basically the same as using wet wood. You’ll have the same issues without the benefits you get from using properly seasoned wood.
  • stone fire placeOnly Use Properly Seasoned Wood- When you are looking for cords of wood, make sure you use properly seasoned wood. What is seasoned wood? It is wood that has been carefully dried and cut in preparation for burning. This will save you from health issues, fire hazards, and more.
  • Store Your Wood Properly- How you are storing your wood could put you in danger. Firewood should not be stored to close to fires or in damp areas. Firewood that is placed too close to a fireplace or fire pit can suddenly catch fire from flying sparks or embers. Damp areas can grow mold in the wood. Placing your firewood outside and close to the house can encourage termites. The lawn maintenance experts at Landwork Contractors can help you stack your wood in a safe place.
  • Use Only Fireplace Tools for Tending Fires- Using the wrong tools to stoke the flames in your fire can put you in danger. Fireplace tools are specially crafted and treated to deal with hot logs and embers. If you try to use whatever you have lying around the house, you’re setting yourself up for a house fire.
  • Keep Extinguishers Handy- If you own a fireplace, you should make sure to keep your extinguishers in sight. Make sure every family member and any guests know where the extinguishers are and how to use them.

Have a Safe, Cozy Winter with Fire Cord Bundles

Cozying up to the fireplace shouldn’t be a hassle. The team at Landwork Contractors will help you find the right cord package for your needs. We will also make sure your firewood is properly seasoned and stacked so all you have to do is lay a log on the fire and relax. Call us today at 914-479-2537 or make an appointment online. We’ll have you set up for a comfy, cozy winter in no time.

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