First Impressions Start Outside

Make Landscaping a Priority for Lasting Impressions

First Impressions really matter. Unfortunately, outdoor spaces often become an afterthought for homeowners even though they are the first impression people make of your home. Landwork Contractors can help you make a great first impression that guests or buyers will remember. We offer professional expert care for your lawn and landscaping including these services:

  • grey brick house with nice landscapeLandscape Design
  • Lawn Maintenance
  • Regular Lawn Inspection and Care
  • Drainage
  • Retaining Walls
  • Seasonal Plantings

First impressions start from the outside, make it count.

Make Your Home New Again With Landscaping

Taking care of a home can get overwhelming. A lot of times we just let things go and forget to keep up our yards and gardens. You can make your home shine with a little landscaping and elbow grease. Or, if you don’t have the time or a green thumb, you can leave the landscaping to Landwork Contractors. Start upgrading your home’s look with these simple landscaping tips.

  • complete Landscape Design of a hill with a brick walkwayPruning and trimming: Pruning and trimming usually occurs two times a year in late spring to early summer (May-June) and late summer to very early fall (September). Pruning and trimming back your ornamental shrubs and grasses creates clean, cohesive look. Overgrown shrubs make a landscape look neglected. Trimmed and well-kept bushes can accentuate the features of your home and add depth to your landscape.

Knowing when, how and where to prune is difficult.  Leave the pruning to the trusted professionals at Landwork Contractors. We are experts in Westchester and Putnam county will make sure your plants are well manicured and provide beautiful blooms or plenty of fruit.

  • Plant. Add splashes of color as seasons turn. There are many simple elements of design that could enhance the beauty of your surroundings.  Fill empty spaces with containers of varying flowers and herbs.
    • Play with size and shape when selecting plants.
    • Add depth and height by planting ornamental trees, shrubs or evergreens of all shapes and sizes. These are also excellent as natural privacy fences and borders.
    • Plant in layers, alternating bloom time and size to enhance the natural beauty of your landscape. A few excellent choices include Evergreens for year round color or Dogwood, Viburnum and Hydrangeas for color at different seasons.

Gardens require regular care and maintenance. Don’t let that scare you away, the experts at Landwork Contractors handle everything. You can design the perfect garden then leave the rest to us.

  • brown mulch in yardMulch. Mulch not only deters weed growth and soil impaction, it also adds brilliant color and design textures to your landscaping.  You can use different colors, textures or materials to create amazing mulch beds that will add an extra level of beauty to your home.

You can also add a few features to help make your home stand out and add safety.

  • Lighting- Lights play many roles, from adding to a home’s attractiveness to illuminating steps and sidewalks for safety or showcasing points of interest in the landscape.
  • Features. Adding a central piece to your landscape will extend its beauty throughout the year. Water features are an excellent way to reduce unwanted noises or produce a calming sound. A pagoda or pergola can extend the beauty of your home. Consult a professional for installations of bigger features or with anything that involves a combination of water and electricity.
  • Paths- Walkways and paths are an important part of any home. They can create a breathtaking picture from the curb while getting guests safely to your home. Consider stepping stones, intricate designs or curving paths for extra design elements.

Come Home to Your Masterpiece

big-stone-houseA few quick changes and continued maintenance can turn your home from blah to a neighborhood work of art. Let Landwork Contractors make your landscape both beautiful and practical. Our qualified masonry experts and gardeners will help your vision become a reality, creating a whole new world right outside your doorstep. Call Landwork Contractors at 914-479-2537 or make an appointment online while you enjoy your morning coffee.


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