Foundation Plantings Provide Seamless Beauty for Your Home

Professional Landscaping Designs to Bring Curb Appeal and Value

Lawn Mowing ServiceEvery building has them. Those little spots where the foundation sticks out or that drainage pipe that stands out. Adding the right plants with the help of Landwork Contractors expert landscapers, can hide the foundation or mask the drainage pipe. The result is a warmer, more welcoming and picture-perfect home.

We have over 300 years of combined local experience caring for the most beautiful homes in the region. Here’s how we work to blend your home into the landscape with some of our favorite foundational planting techniques.

Create a Living Frame- Vibrant Boxwoods, Spruce, Dogwood, or other evergreens and flowering trees offer a gorgeous frame for your home. Putting a couple of matching trees at the corners of your home or at entrance ways is an easy way to mask the foundation. Framing also helps center the focus on the entryway and invite guests into your home.

Arbor PergolaGo Vertical with Hardscaping- Adding a trellis or an arbor over entryways can add further privacy and warmth to your home. The structure can come in endless designs and provide arched walkways or simple entry gates. Add climbing roses or ivy and you’ll have shade and color in the spring.

Background Design- Place evergreen shrubs and small trees near the foundation. Boxwoods or juniper shrubs work well in this design to provides a blank canvas for colorful bushes, flowering trees, or even perennials. They can also be trimmed and shaped to add extra design elements.

Edges of Flowering, Feathering Plants- Fill in blank spots or add drama with lovely flowering and feather plants at a lower level. Plants like lavender or sage will further mask and foundational flaws and give a whimsical look to any garden or home.  

fall trimming on the big propertyFlowing Terraces of Greenery- Another technique that works well with the natural architecture of our region is layering bushes near the foundation. While you don’t have to create actual terraces, using different types of shrubbery and plants can produce the effect of levels and add texture to your design.

Foundational plantings craft an effortless looking beauty for any home or office. If you are looking to add value and curb appeal to your home, Landwork Contractors is here to help. Call us today at 914-479-2537 or make an appointment online. We can’t wait to make your home cozy and inviting.

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