How to Get the Lawn You Want

Professional Lawncare Experts in Westchester County, NY Share Lawn Secrets

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Are you tired of your patchy lawn? Do you have dry grass? Or are you sick of those brown spots on your lawn? Now is the perfect time to fix your lawn with aerating, overseeding, and some other trade secrets! You can get the lawn you’ve always wanted by following these steps from our lawn care experts! 

  1. Dethatch! – Grass clippings and debris can build up on the top of your lawn, creating a hard layer called thatch. Too much thatch can starve the roots of your grass. Remove the thatch, and you’ll help those roots get more air, water, and nutrients. 
  1. Level the Field- If you’re tired of tripping through your yard, it might be time to consider grading and leveling your landscaping to create a level surface. Do you have water puddling up in different spots? Grading can also help solve drainage issues. 
  1. Aerate, Aerate, Aerate!- Aeration is a game-changer for tired, compacted lawns. Professional lawn experts love aeration because it allows your gras to breathe again. How do they do it? Many professionals will use a machine that takes small plugs of soil out of  your lawn. The holes they leave bring more oxygen, water, nutrients, and make room for new growth. This can be a big job, so consider hiring a professional. 
  1. Give Your Lawn a Drink!- Summer weather can make your lawn dry and thirsty. After you’ve dethatched and aerated your lawn, water it carefully. A good watering will help prepare your lawn for hearty and healthy growth. 
  1. Overseed With Care- Adding new seeds to your lawn seems like a simple job. However, you need to be sure that you are spreading seeds evenly. Using a seed broadcaster can help provide even coverage. 
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  1. Feed Your Lawn the Right Food- Fertilizer can be great for your lawn if you add the right one. Check your PH levels before you pick a fertilizer. If you aren’t sure how to check the levels, ask a lawn care professional for help. They can guide you as you look for the right fertilizer to get your grass really growing. 
  1. Sit Back and Enjoy Your Lawn! Once all the hard work is over, you can relax. The roots of your grass will grow strong and healthy as fall and winter weather sets in. Come spring, your lawn will be the envy of the neighborhood. 

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