Looking For A New Patio Or Walkway Design? We Have Some Ideas

When you’re thinking about upgrading or remodeling exteriors, the real design issues are likely to equate to a full makeover. In many cases, you may wish to add space, or create outdoor amenities. Patios and walkways are obvious exterior design considerations.


Patios are the unsung heroes of space management. They can make great safe enclosed outdoor play areas, and double as outdoor entertainment space. They can become excellent personal spaces, too, perfect for healthy relaxation and as healthy work environments.

The other big architectural asset of patios is that they can be truly excellent choices for exterior design. Modern patios have become real design features in some of America’s most chic and elegant homes. Whether spacious and elegant or small and private, patios offer a range of architectural choices for lifestyle and property enhancement.

Patios have a range of functional values:

  • A patio design can be matched to any type of design from classical European to ultra-modern.
  • Patio construction creates additional space and amenities for existing rooms.
  • Patios are adaptable to almost any purpose, from large scale entertainment to family space.
  • Patios add real property value.
  • Patios are very good design assets, helping augment exterior designs and surrounds designs.
  • Patios are a very cost-effective way of managing good access to premises while maintaining exterior design style.



Walkways are the preferred design choice for architects for a range of practical as well as aesthetic reasons. Modern walkway design is as much a part of exterior design as the physical layout of the main house itself. Structurally, a walkway acts as a good seal around the access points of the house.

These high traffic areas, if unpaved, can be problems as the soil becomes impacted, causing drainage issues, and in some cases expose the foundations, creating vulnerabilities. An unpaved area around the home can also become a maintenance issue, promoting weed growth. These areas can become untidy and unsightly.

From a purely design perspective, walkways offer a lot of choices:

  • Tiled walkways with matching color schemes as part of an overall design.
  • Walkways as part of landscaping environments in gardens to reduce wear and tear on the garden spaces.
  • Walkways provide useful secure access for visitors.
  • Walkways can be landscaped to provide amenities for site access, particularly on slopes and difficult terrain.
  • Walkways can be used to augment rockeries, pools, and other hardscape features.
  • Walkways can be good problem solvers for managing movement around commercial and residential sites, improving access for people and materials.
  • Walkways can be designed as part of a security layout.


Combining patios and walkways

Just about every building has some need for exterior features which are functional as well as design-friendly. Patios and walkways are often combined to provide high value design in conjunction with access choices.

We use top quality materials to create designer patios and walkways. Our low-maintenance exterior landscaping services integrate with home and commercial building designs to deliver a superior design look made to measure with site needs.

If you’re looking for patio and walkway design ideas in New York, contact us. We can create exactly what you want, the way you want it.

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