Neat Landscape With Fall Trimming

Professional Landscapers Winterize Gardens and Lawns with Expert Care

Fall trimming requires considerable knowledge, skill, and precision. Trim the wrong thing in fall and you’ll have a bare shrub, tree, or flowering bush all spring and summer. Wait too long to trim your plants in fall and you get diseased, dying, or empty plants in the spring. How do you get it just right? Trust the experts at  Landwork Contractors.  We have been providing expert landscaping services in the Westchester and Putnam County area for 17 years.

The Challenges of Fall Trimming

fall trimming on the big propertyTrimming can be especially challenging in fall with a wide range of plants, trees, shrubs, and flowering bushes to work with. Here’s what to look for as you start trimming your landscaping:

  • Cut Back Perennials- Cutting back perennials can be confusing. Just remember to cut perennials only if they don’t do any of the following:
    • Add Beauty to Your Garden
    • Provide Food for Winter Creatures
    • Benefit Helpful Insects During Winter
  • Dead Growth- Dead leaves, blooms, or wood on woody plants, trees, and ornamental shrubs should be carefully removed before winter sets in. Trimming these areas in fall and early winter, when temperatures are cooler, will help protect against disease or pests. Remember to:
    • dead growth of plants from winterDeadhead Old Blooms
    • Trim Dead Limbs
    • Remove Dead Leaves
    • Dig Up Dead Annuals
  • Crossed or Rubbing Limbs- If you see any limbs that are crossed over each other or have been rubbing against each other, remove them. These limbs create fresh wounds on each other where disease can enter. Your trusted landscaper in Westchester County will help you remove the right limbs.
  • Tidying Up- One of the main reasons many people trim shrubs and trees in fall is to tidy up for winter. Removing extra branches or creating a uniform shape actually helps these plants and trees survive winter. Landwork Contractors winterizes your trees and gardens expertly to prepare them for winter.
  • watersproutsWatersprouts- Watersprouts deprive the rest of the tree of nutrients and light. They can also make trees, hedges, or shrubs unbalanced. Remove them carefully.

Taking care of your plants in fall ensures healthy, beautiful blooms for spring and creates a beautiful landscape for winter. The skilled landscaping team at Landwork Contractors understands the special needs of plants and trees in this region. Call us today at 914-479-2537 or make an appointment online.  We love keeping your lawn tidy and healthy all year long.

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