Pruning in June

Keep your landscaping healthy and beautiful with Professional Pruning

If you want to have a beautiful landscape, you’ll need to prune properly. Landwork Contractors has been pruning the gorgeous homes of Westchester and Putnam counties to perfection for over 16 years. Let us clear up the prune schedule confusion. To get you started here’s a quick guideline for June pruning.

Pruning with Purpose

Left alone, Shrubs and trees can grow out of control, become unbalanced or dry up. Pruning helps your trees and bushes by:

  • Preventing damage and disease
  • Encouraging beneficial growth
  • Increasing longevity
  • Improving nutrition to create strong roots
  • Providing upkeep for shrubs, keeping them in beautiful shape
  • Increasing the opportunity for blooms and crops in this season or the next

What Should You Prune In June?

Plants that have recently bloomed in Spring will need to be pruned in June. Your trusted landscaper in Westchester County can help you know which ones need pruning. Here are just a few plants that will need to be pruned:

Hydrangeas: Pruning the wrong hydrangea in June can damage the plant. Here’s the right prune schedule for Hydrangeas:

  • Blooms on old growth: These blooms grown on the wood-like brown stalks. Prune these right after the first flowering.
  • Blooms on new growth: These blooms come out on softer green stems. Prune new growth blooms anywhere from the end of May to June for gorgeous blooms this summer

purple flowers by staircaseAzaleas– After that first flush of beautiful blooms in early spring, prune azaleas. Pruning these bushes also controls and shapes their quickly growing branches.

Rhododendrons– These gorgeous blooms will keep coming if you trim after they’ve faded. Remove the old blossoms by carefully twisting the blooms.

Rose bushes– The royalty of the garden needs constant attention that means continuous pruning. Prune them properly and you’ll have beautiful blooms all season long.

Fruit and stone-fruit trees– Too much growth on a fruit tree will starve the rest of the tree. Prune early in the summer after the first crop to control fast growth. Stone-fruit trees need about 50% pruned.

Pruning shrubs and trees perfectly takes a lot of knowledge and hard work. Leave the pruning to Landwork Contractors! Call us today at 914-479-2537 or make an appointment online. We’ll have your whole yard blooming and beautiful all summer long.

Pruning in June was last modified: June 29th, 2017 by Landwork Contractors