Spring Plantings Bring Lush Landscapes

Professional Landscaping Brightens Your Home with Beautiful Plantings

complete Landscape Design of a hill with a brick walkwayEarly spring is the perfect time to start planting your garden and adding new touches to your landscaping. Landwork Contractors offers a variety of beautiful spring plantings, including flowering trees that can bring your garden to life all year long. Our experienced crew of designers and landscapers will help you make your vision come true.

Why Plant in Spring?

Trees need time to grow and strengthen before the weather turns hot and/or dry. Spring soil provides a moderate temperature, plenty of moisture, and the time roots need to create a foundation for new plantings.

What to Plant?

There are many wonderful choices for your spring plantings in Westchester County. Here are some of our favorites to consider for your home or office.

spruce treesSpruce Trees- Beautiful and hardy, these low maintenance colorful trees add so much to any landscape. They can provide privacy, shade, and even save you money on your energy bill!

Crabapples- These jewels of the garden pop with delicate colorful blooms in the spring, continue through the summer with vibrant leaves, turn fiery in autumn, then bring bright fruit in the winter. Crabapples need rich soil and proper drainage. If you are having issues with your soil, our drainage experts can help you design the perfect solution for your landscaping.

Dogwoods-  A popular favorite everywhere, these lovely trees provide beautiful fragrant blossoms in the spring and continued beauty during the summer and fall as their leaves begin to change. Great for pathways or borders.

Scarlett Oaks- If you want bright beautiful foliage in the fall, Scarlett Oaks bring fiery colors. These trees grow fast and work well in many different types of soils. They are great for providing colorful shade along your pathways or in your garden.

Magnolias- The delicate blooms from the pink or white magnolia trees give off a lovely sweet scent. During the summer their lush green leaves create a gentle shade. Wonderful along pathways or on focal parts of your garden.

blooming treesFlowering Pear Trees- In the spring, flowering pear trees bloom with tiny flowers, in the summer they have gorgeous foliage and in fall they bring bright sunbursts of color as they lose their leaves. Wonderful on pathways.

Japanese  Maples- Bright and versatile, Japanese Maples are great for any area of your landscaping. They provide vibrant colors from spring to fall and grow best in sunny areas.

Whatever flowering tree you choose for your spring plantings, the experienced team at Landwork Contractors is here to help you design your dream landscaping. We also offer spring planting installations and landscaping maintenance. Call us today at 914-279-2537 to get started on your new landscape. Or make an appointment online while you pick out the perfect design. We’ll have your lawn blooming in no time.

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