Tips to Make the Golf Pros Jealous With Your Lush Lawn

Professional Watering Plans for Every Yard

grey brick house with nice landscapeFrom brittle dry blades of glass to disease and pests, protecting your lawn during summer heat takes time and attention. The expert lawn care crew at Landwork Contractors has all the tools needed to help keep your lawns looking beautiful and healthy.  Here are just a few of our best tips for keeping your lawn properly watered and fresh.

  • Cut Grass to the Right Length- Grass that is too long invites bugs and pests into your lawn. Grass that is too short can make your soil go dry. Also, different types of grass need different types of care. A professional lawn maintenance team in Westchester County will know the difference. The rule of thumb is to cut about one-third of the length off of any grass.
  • Don’t Drown Your Lawn- Over-watering your lawn can be just as bad as letting it get too dry. A soggy lawn can actually lower the oxygen levels in your soil. This means your grass is getting a lot less of the nutrients it needs to be healthy. It can also increase the chance of disease and infections. Set up a proper watering system and don’t forget to include drainage for sloped lawns.
  • Water in the Morning- Evaporation is one of the biggest enemies of summer lawn maintenance. A well-maintained lawn will thrive when it’s watered in the early morning. This gives the soil time to soak up the water and nutrients before the effects of the sun and heat set in.
  • sprinklerKeep Track of Water Levels- Set up a water gauge to track how much you are watering your lawn. A healthy lawn needs to have about 1ft to 11/2 feet of water each week. This means about water reaches about six inches deep into the soil.
  • Stick to a Watering Schedule- Depending on the time of year, you should be watering your lawn twice a week. Start a watering schedule and make sure you follow it. If you start to notice that your lawn has lost its bounce, it could be wilting and needs more water.

You can have a lawn as lush and beautiful as your favorite golf course. Follow proper watering tips and leave lawn care to the team of professionals as Landwork Contractors. We’re here to turn your yard into a vibrant and beautiful retreat. Call us today at 914-479-2537 or make an appointment online.


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