Top Five Tips for Lush Lawns

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Have you ever envied the gorgeous grounds of golf courses in the middle of summer? How do they keep everything looking so lush and vibrant in the middle of all this heat? Professional lawncare experts know the secret to a perfect lawn. Want to know how they do it? Here are their top five tips for creating and maintaining a gorgeous yard. 

  1. Don’t Overdo It! –A water-logged lawn actually lowers the amount of oxygen you have in your soil. Without oxygen, plants, including grass, don’t receive the nutrients they need. When you start planning an irrigation system or schedule, make sure you include plenty of drainage options.You want to keep water flowing through your grass, not collecting on it in puddles. 
  1. Track Your Water Levels- You can’t always know if you are watering too much or too little if you don’t know how much water your lawn is getting. Add a water gauge to your lawn to help you keep track of all the water your lawn is getting. For healthy grass, your yard needs to get between 1ft and 1 ½ feet of water every week, so the water will reach about six inches into the soil. 
  1. Set Your Mower to the Right Height and Mow Regularly- If you don’t routinely mow your lawn, you’re looking for trouble. Tall grass encourages bugs and pests into your yard. However, if you mow your lawn too short, you could dry out the grass and increase levels of disease in your grass. Set your mower to cut about one-third off the top of your grass and trim it regularly
  1. Create a Watering Routine and Stick To It!- Lawns need to be watered consistently. During summer months, your lawn should be watered at least twice a week to keep its bounce. Start designing a watering routine that works for you and make sure you follow through with it each week. 
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  1. Water During Morning Hours- Summer heat dries out grass just like it dries out plants. If you water in the afternoon, you are fighting evaporation and heat. Pick a time in the morning to water your lawn so your soil can soak up all those nutrients and water before the sun comes out to play. 

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