Why It’s Essential That You Water Your Lawn In The Morning

If you’re a lawn owner, or a “casual acquaintance”, as some lawns treat their owners, you’ll have learned a few things about watering lawns. You’ll have learned that water doesn’t grow on trees, but the water bills do. You’ll have learned how ungrateful a lawn can be.

You’ll also have learned how to grow a wonderful crop of weeds. You may have learned that some soil takes its own sweet time draining, or not draining at all. You’ll definitely have learned that bald patches don’t take hints about regrowing grass. Even if you water it until it becomes a swamp, the grass still doesn’t grow.

You’ll also have learned that any amount of wondering doesn’t solve the lawn problem. The lawn is watered and watered well and still looks like a great snapshot from Arizona’s less grassy areas.

Watering lawns

Yes, there is a reason for this situation. You’ll be glad to hear the problem isn’t you; it’s when you water the lawn that matters.
There’s a bottom line, even for lawns which seem to be immune to any attempt to water them. When you do the watering relates directly to the lawn’s ability to use the water.

Lawns photosynthesize. They use sunlight and water to grow. The best combination of both elements allows them to use the water to help them as they grow. A lawn typically needs several hours of sunlight per day. Those hours are critical for growth. At night, the lawn is dormant.

Therefore – If you water in the morning, you give the lawn the maximum amount of time to take up and use the water. It’s that simple.

Watering lawns – Options for watering

There are a few tricks to watering a lawn economically:

A garden hose can be used, but can be uneconomic for larger lawns. They’re best for small areas.

Water sprinklers are good, but need to be watched. They need to cover the area of the lawn evenly, and not leave dry patches which can turn in to bald patches.

Drip hoses are excellent, and can do a great job in long strips of lawn with very little effort. All you need to do is move them around to thoroughly water the lawn.

Misting watering systems are the top of the line option. Misters deposit very small droplets, which penetrate even tough soils. They’re so good they’re used in major wildfires to totally saturate areas and prevent fire spread. They’re also extremely economical.

Still have problems? You may need some help

Good watering will deal with most lawn issues. Some lawns, however, have other problems. Impacted soils can physically prevent lawn growth and regrowth. They block root growth. More annoyingly, the water bounces off these soils. Some soils have the exact opposite problem. They drain too well, and the water is lost before the lawn can really use it.

If you’re in New York around the Westchester/Dutchess/Putnam county region and your lawn isn’t responding to watering, talk to us. We can find out what’s wrong and help you get your lawn looking great, so give us a call.

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