Winter Landscapes

Bringing Beauty to Winter Landscapes

Winter brings often grey skies and seas of white snow blanketing everything in sight. While winter vistas can be beautiful, they can also be a little boring. Landscape Contractors have specialists to help complete the perfect winter design to keep your home warm and welcoming through the toughest weather. Here are a few landscaping ideas to change those winter blahs into winter ahhs.

Winter Landscapes

  • Start thinking about some practical additions. Arbors, trellises, or a bench, particularly in bright tasteful colors (think Holly Red or Christmas Tree Green or even Royal Blue) when done right can add a splash of color that is both warm and inviting. Fire pits and outdoor fireplaces can also add real warmth and extra space to entertain. Winter should mean the beginning of entertaining family and friends, not the end.
  • Not so Green Evergreens: When we think winter, we often picture lush evergreens. But many people don’t realize how many beautiful colors evergreens come in. Dwarf Blue Spruce and Gold Thread False Cypress are two beautiful examples of not so green evergreens to add to your landscaping for a year round glow.
  • Spruce Up the Extras: Those hardy containers like hanging baskets, lattice work and window boxes can all be brightened up for winter. Add some evergreen boughs, twigs or plant some new miniature evergreens, holly or rhododendron. These will all add a little extra oomph to your home in winter.
  • Berries, of Course!: It’s hard to imagine winter without bright berries or mistletoe. When you are planning your winter design, be sure to include some of these bright and beautiful additions, holly bushes and Cranapple bushes will not only add a pop of color to your landscape, they will attract late-migrating birds.
  • Bark is Best – Believe it or not, bare trees can be gorgeous. Barks that are colorful or have unique textures can add a lot of depth and natural beauty to your home. Birch trees, Japanese maple, lacebark elm, dogwoods and crape myrtle are famous for their bare beauty. Many of these trees and similar shrubs are small enough to place in any winter landscape.
  • Keep On Growing – Grass doesn’t need to stop growing in winter. Adding some ryegrass to your fall overseeding can keep your grass growing green and lush all winter long, plus spare you the trouble of dead grass in the spring.
  • Holiday Displays- A well-placed wreath or decorated evergreen can make your home seem festive and inviting to family and friends, no matter what holiday you celebrate. Adding winter-proof lighting or ornamentation can add a whimsical touch to ordinary items.

 Winter Beauty at its Best

Winter can be bleak, grey skies and mounds of snow overwhelm most landscaping. Special landscape designs can turn your winter blues into gorgeous views. Landwork Contractors have the best specialists to bring a beautiful winter design to life and make your home cozy and bright through any weather. Call us today at 914-479-2537 or schedule an appointment online. We can have your home feeling warm and inviting all winter long.

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