5 Beautiful Stones, Perfect For a Garden Path

When you’re considering a garden path, there are a few natural issues which arise – What sort of path do you want, and construction options. There are also issues regarding path safety and durability to consider.

In the landscaping industry, which constructs a vast range of different types of access paths and garden paths, the new top of the line is stone. Stone paths are particularly good for construction purposes, and they’re certainly very durable.

The other big recommendation for stone paths is design values. Stone allows use of color, texture, and motifs in unique ways. Stone pavers can be laid in groups or individually, to create a very flexible, fascinating, and beautiful range of designs.
Stone selection

When choosing your options for a garden path, don’t lead yourself up the wrong path. You need to consider your choices, and compare them. Which stone looks best in your garden? Which stone complements the exterior of your house? Do you want an ultra-modern look, or the more classical look?

The 5 beautiful stones

We have a few truly beautiful stones for you to use as benchmark guides to stone quality and the high end design values of stone paths:limestone_Brussels


Limestone – Limestone is one of the two oldest building materials in the world. Limestone comes in a very interesting, subtle, and beautiful range of colors. This stone is typically used in more traditional environments, but has recently become a favorite among new buildings and surrounds for its beauty and versatility.



Sandstone – The other oldest building material, sandstone comes in a truly extraordinary range of colors and textures. This stone can be used in almost literally any environment. It’s hard wearing, and just looks better as it ages and grows in to its environment. Most landscape designers consider it one of the default choices for upmarket designs for those reasons.

Natural Stone

Natural Stone – This is one of our Unilock range of products, sourced from India and Europe. It’s a true top quality product selection, selected for its extreme durability, color, and freezethaw reliability. We consider it an all-rounder, particularly well-suited to New York’s savage winters.


Bluestone – The modern form of bluestone pavers and tiles isn’t the old rough-edge bluestone of the past. This stone is a true designer standard stone, extremely adaptable to any garden or exterior environment. It’s the type of stone which can deliver a perfectly coordinated match of walkway, garden path, and entrance elegance.


Yorkstone™ is a Unilock stone range product, including the fabulously eye-catching and glamorous Iron River stone. This truly extraordinary stone is extremely beautiful, almost mystical in its colors. These stones are a mix of gold, cream, and tan which looks like it came from a palace. They’re also extremely tough, weatherproof, and dependable for any environment.If you’re in the New York area around Westchester and you want to look at a range of designs and stone choices, give us a call. We’ll be happy to help you map out your fabulous new garden path.

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