Bad Lawn Care Can Cost You – 3 Tips To Keep Your Lawn Beautiful

Many people suffer from “Bad Lawn Syndrome”, and in many cases, it’s not their fault. A bad lawn isn’t just a pernickety lawn. It’s a lawn with serious issues.

  • Let’s define a few of the most common instances of a bad lawn:
  • The lawn is in obviously poor shape. There are bald patches, areas where the lawn is being overrun by weeds, and even the solid patches look weak.
  • The bare soil is hard as granite or sandy, and in summer it’s incredibly hot, basically cooking the surrounding grass and getting bigger.
  • The local trees have declared war, and exterminated the grass around them. This has opened up the soil to weeds and created the frayed edges of the lawn.
  • The lawn surface on slopes is cracking or degrading visibly.
  • Bare roots are showing all over the place, and they’re obviously drying out, breaking up the lawn surface.

If you’re thinking that this sounds like an obituary for a lawn, it could be. That, however, is just one of the problems. The lawn is also a good indicator of the state of the soil and drainage, and that’s why we say a bad lawn can cost you.

Think about this –

  • Lawns, particularly big lawns, also manage runoff on your property. If the soil is dry and very hard, and the lawn’s not benefiting from rain or watering, where’s the water going? It could well be going around or under your foundations. Rainwater typically runs off soils like these.
  • If soil is cracking and moving, what’s happening? Is the soil breaking up around your property and buildings? It might be, and you will need to check for any risk.
  • If soil is eroding, what’s the direction of the erosion? If it’s downhill from your house, it’s taking soil away from the higher areas, perhaps the supporting soil around your home. If it’s above your home, at least some of the water will flow directly towards the building. It will also affect the soil on either side.

3 tips to keep your lawn beautiful.

  1. A big lawn is also a very large amount of land. You need to manage both the grass and the soil. We have three tips for keeping your lawn healthy and beautiful:
    Fix any current problems, ASAP. Get professional help with any possible major issues like those described above. These problems can do unbelievably expensive damage.
  2. Look after your lawn and it will look after your property. The lawn can act as an excellent land protector, stabilizing soil, and managing drainage. Ensure that your lawn is properly maintained, and it will do a lot of property management work for you.
  3. When you see problems starting in your lawn, take the hint. Check the surrounding land, and look for anything new or different around the house. Get professional advice about any issues you find.

We do a lot of problem solving for our clients regarding lawn problems and related problems. If you’re in the Westchester region, we’re here to help. Contact us and let’s fix your lawn and any other issues you may have.

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