Benefits of a Fall Clean-Up Plan

Professional Landscapers in Westchester County Provide Fall Maintenance Plans for Your Lawn

The trees are beginning to turn vibrant with falls colors. Soon those beautiful leaves will be all over your lawn. Fallen branches, broken limbs, dry grass can turn your lush landscape into an unruly mess. The experts at Landwork Contractors provide specialized clean-up plans to protect your lawn and keep it in top shape. Here are just a few of the benefits of a routine fall clean-up of your landscape.

Benefits of Routine Fall Lawn Maintenance

Summer weather can dry out and damage your lawn and landscaping. Having an annual tidying up of your landscape provides multiple benefits.

Provides Oxygen to Dry Soil- A simple aeration of your lawn in fall allows for oxygen to reach the roots of growing grass. During summer, soil can become compacted from the use or simply dried out by hot weather and lack of water. Aeration adds pockets of air deep in your soil.

Removes Thatch and Build Up- Summer grass dies off and leaves a layer of dead leaves and soil called thatch. This layer can choke out sunlight, oxygen, and even water. A quick tidying of your lawn can get rid of thatch and other debris that starts to build up during summer.

Provides New Growth- If you include overseeding with your aeration plan, you’ll be creating new growth. Overseeding in fall is an important part of lawn maintenance, depositing new seeds into the grass. This process is best done in fall so the seeds have the opportunity to create roots before cold weather sets in. This is a great time to add mums or certain bushes that can make your landscape pop.

Prepares Your Lawn for Winter- A fall clean-up plan prepares your landscaping for winter weather and dormant plants. Picking up limbs, leaves, and trimming branches, bushes, and plants make your landscaping ready for a mostly dormant season. Doing these tasks too late can leave your lawn vulnerable to the elements.

Protects Your Lawn from Cold Weather and Disease- Using tools like aeration, overseeding, mulching, and proper trimming, Landwork Contractors gives your lawn an extra layer of protection. Fall maintenance allows your plants to heal before cold weather or disease sets in. New plantings and seeds will have taken root deep enough to be safe from frost. Trimmed branches heal before pests try to get food for winter.

Creates a Stunning Landscape All Year- Taking special care of your lawn and landscaping during fall creates a strong foundation. Your plants depend on nutrients, sunlight, and water. Cleaning up in fall provides your landscaping with the groundwork needed to keep plants thriving year-round.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Get your Fall Clean-Up plan started today. Call our Landwork Contractor experts at 914-479-2537 or make an appointment online. We’ll have your landscape tidied up and ready for winter before the first frost!

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