Make Your Autumn Landscaping Come Alive!

Autumn Landscaping

dead growth of plants from winterVibrant plants and colors aren’t just for spring. The experts at Landwork Contractors can create a masterpiece of your dull autumn landscape with careful landscape design choices.  Our team works personally with our clients to create stunning landscapes all year long. Here are just a few ways to add color and vibrancy to your landscape this fall.

  • Add Harvest Displays- Looking to spruce up your home for a Halloween Party or Thanksgiving gathering? Add some beautiful harvest displays with personalized touches like:
    • Bright Pumpkin Towers
    • Colorful Gourds
    • Hay Bales
    • Indian Corn
    • Wreaths
    • Cornucopias

Landwork Contractors loves providing all types of holiday decor for your outdoor celebrations.

  • Mums the Word!- Colorful mums are a wonderful addition to any landscape. These hardy, bold flowers are great in window boxes, on stoops, or in gardens. Our team of experts loves delivering beautiful new mum arrangements to brighten up any home or office.
  • Screen Your Scene with Evergreens- If you’ve been wanting a little more privacy or simply want a new look, go evergreen. Adding an evergreen screen around your yard or as a foundational planting improves your home by:
    • Provide Privacy
    • Lower Noise Pollution
    • Adds Warmth to Homes in Winter
    • Helps Cool Homes During Summer
  • Ornamental Shrubs- With vivid colors and loose leaves, ornamental shrubs add much-needed color and texture to your landscape. Fall is the perfect time to plant these beauties because the soil is cool enough to allow for root growth but not so cold that it rejects the plant. Watch them come to life all winter long.
  • brown mulch in yardMulch- If you have any sort of garden bed, mulch is a necessity. Mulch provides amazing benefits as well as a beautiful color. Adding mulch to your landscape helps:
    • Protect Against Disease
    • Provide Nutrients
    • Protect Against Cold Weather
    • Add Texture and Color
    • Prevents Evaporation and Flooding
    • Creates Beautiful Texture and Clean Lines

Mulch is an incredible tool for protecting and prolonging the health of your landscaping.

Autumn landscaping doesn’t have to fade as the weather turns cooler. Instead, you can easily add beautiful touches of color and texture to turn your landscape into a brilliant masterpiece. Landwork Contractors is here to help you create your own work of art. Call us today at 914-479-2537 or make an appointment online. We can’t help to transform your landscaping for Autumn.


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