The Benefits of Repaving Your Blacktop Driveway

Professional Paving and Repaving Services Can Change the Whole Look of Your Home

Award Winning projec - LandworkContractorsThe experts at Landwork Contractors have been providing dependable hardscaping services for over 16 years. One of the best hardscaping additions you can make is paving or repaving your blacktop. Here are just a few of the incredible benefits.

  • Safety- A professionally paved driveway provides a safe entrance for you, your family, and friends. Even paved driveways age. There can be cracks, potholes, and dents that make the driveway uneven. Repaving your driveway is a quick and easy way to create an even surface for family and guests.
  • repaving and sealingAdd Curb Appeal and Value- A beautifully paved blacktop driveway can add extra value and beauty to your home. Concrete drives often look drab and incomplete, while blacktop looks professional. Many homebuyers also know the importance of a well-paved drive, so repaving increases the value of your home too.
  • Protection- When you have a properly installed or repaved driveway, you also get some protection for your home and your vehicles. Blacktop driveways provide the appropriate grading and leveling needed to keep moisture away from your home. The flat surface also protects against damage caused by rocks, potholes, and cracks.
  • Saves Money- A beautiful blacktop driveway requires a lot less maintenance than gravel or concrete. It is less likely to crack and is very easy to repair. It is also highly durable. In fact, your driveway can last up to 20 years with proper care.
  • snow plowing 2 trucksMakes Driveways Safer During Winter- Blacktop creates a reflective surface that helps to speed up the melting process of snow. This means quicker recovery during early winter months and fewer issues from ice.

Repave and Refresh Your Driveway Today

If you’re interested in repaving your blacktop, leave it to Landwork Contractors.  We deliver dependable blacktop installations and repaving. Give us a call at 914-479-2537 or make an appointment online. We’ll create a beautiful entryway that keeps your home safe and inviting.

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