Time to Prep Your Garden for Winter

Professional Landscaping Tips to Keep Your Home Beautiful Year Round

tulips in snowWinter is on its way and that means it’s time to prepare your garden and landscaping for the hard weather ahead. The team at Landwork Contractors is here to help. We live and work in the Westchester and Putnam County area so we understand the unique challenges of the region. To help you get started, here are some of our favorite winter prep tips for your garden and landscaping.

  • Prune Carefully–  Winter weather puts your trees and shrubs to sleep, so it’s the perfect time for a little pruning. However, if you prune the wrong tree or snip the wrong branch you can have even more trouble. Carefully prune broken branches, diseased limbs, or weakened boughs. Benefits of dormant pruning include:
    • Strengthens Plants Against Ice and Snow
    • Prevents Infestation from BugsPrevents Disease
    • Prevents Overgrowth
    • Encourages Healthy New Growth
    • Creates Beautiful Landscaping Year Round
  • Burlap Wrapping– Burlap is an incredibly versatile tool for your garden. You can use burlap all year round, but it’s especially helpful in winter landscape maintenance at home and at work. Wrapping your plants in burlap brings the following benefits:
    • burlap wrappingProtection from Bugs and Pests
    • Protection from Cold Winds
    • Easy Wrap to Use Against Frost
    • Insulation Against Snow, Ice, and Cold Temperatures
    • Inexpensive Fix
    • Leftovers Can Be Used for Decoration or Other Projects
  • Make Mulch Happen– A nice fresh layer of mulch is one of our favorite things to add to any landscaping or garden in winter. Mulch is a beautiful and reliable option for certain areas of your winter garden. Here are just a few benefits of mulching your winter garden.
    • Provides a Layer of Insulation
    • Regulates Temperatures for Soil
    • Regulates Water for Soil
    • Protects Against Bugs
    • Protects Against Disease
    • Adds Color to Winter Landscape
  • Clean Up Before Snow Falls– Before the first big snow, it’s important to pick up all the toys, hoses, gardening tools and everything laying in your lawn.  Items left in your lawn or garden create dangerous hidden hazards once a heavy layer of snow falls. Anything else that lays on top of the lawn can also damage grass and soil just beneath.

Winter Garden Preparations Keep Your Investment Safe

Beautiful landscaping is an investment. With a little extra care, you can keep that investment safe. Landwork Contractors provides your landscaping and garden with all the protection they need. Leave the winter prep to us. Give us a call today at 914-479-2537 or make an appointment online. We’ll make sure your landscaping stays gorgeous all year long.

Time to Prep Your Garden for Winter was last modified: November 5th, 2017 by Landwork Contractors