Top Tips for Saving Money Now So You Can Dream Big Later

Professional Budgeting Ideas to Get Your Pet Project Underway this Spring

pool paversThe team at Landwork Contractors always works with our clients to help them get the landscape of their dreams while staying within their budget. We know the holiday season is underway, but winter is the perfect time to start saving for your big spring project.

Here are some of our top tips to help you save for spring and summer fun during the winter.

  • Have a Plan & Set a Goal-There are basically three steps to having a plan.
    • Decide how much money you need to save. Our trusted landscaping experts are always happy to go over design and come up with reasonable estimates.
    • Know how much time you have. For instance, to start in April, you would have 4-5 months from December.
    • Know how much money you can set aside as you save. If you can only spare $25-$50 a week or every two weeks, that’s fine. There are ways to find more money to put aside.
  • Plant the Money You Save- An online or local savings account will help grow your money while you wait. The interest may not be huge, but every little penny counts.
  • Get Rid of Unwanted Items- From Amazon to these amazing book selling sites, you can earn quite a bit of cash from unwanted or unused items.
  • Find Other Sources- There are hundreds of ways you can get extra money for your dream project while barely lifting a finger.
    • custom pool fenceEarn money on opinion sites. These sites will pay you in points that you can trade for giftcards or even cash.
    • Save on groceries with coupon and rebate apps.
    • Make small changes. If you always get a coffee on the way to work, start brewing at home. Skip the movie and enjoy your streaming service at home. Little changes add up to big money.
    • Use a change jar. If you have a little extra change jingling around, put it in a change jar and let it sit. You’ll be surprised how quickly it fills up.

The team at Landwork Contractors understands the budgeting challenges of landscaping and hardscaping projects. We’re here to help you get the landscape or backyard retreat of your dreams. Call us today at 914-479-2537, or make an appointment online. We can’t wait to get started on your dream!

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