Best Landscape Projects to Do This Fall

Professional Landscaping in Westchester County Improve Your Home

Fall is the perfect time for outdoor projects to increase your curb appeal. The mild weather and soil temperatures are perfect for refreshing your home’s wow factor. The team at Landwork Contractors is here to help you transform your home into a paradise. To get you started, here are the best projects to do this fall.

Landscaping Design
  1.  Blacktop Repaving or Installations- Fall is one of the best times to repave your blacktop or install a new driveway.  The slightly lower temperatures help set the repaving before winter sets in. Driveway installations and repaving can improve your home in a number of ways, including:
  • Add Safe Walkways for Guests
  • Protect Your Car from Wear and Tear
  • Protects Your Home from Ice and Water Damage
  • Helps Snow and Ice Melt Faster
  1. Evergreen Foundation Plantings– Beautiful autumn days are great for planting new evergreens. The soil is still warm enough to introduce trees and shrubs. At the same time, the weather is cool enough to protect new roots from drying out. Foundational additions will create a crisp, gorgeous frame for your home, giving it that “WOW!” factor. Also, foundational plantings will protect your home from runoff, erosion, mold, and pests. Evergreen trees can also help keep criminals away and help lower energy bills. 
  1. Mulch Beds- After the long, hot months of summer, it’s always important to refresh your mulch beds. You want to lay down new mulch before winter sets in. Mulch provides a wealth of benefits for your landscaping, including:
dead growth of plants from winter
  • Protect Against Disease
  • Prevents Weeds
  • Discourages Pests
  • Lowers Evaporation
  • Insulates the Soil from Frost
  1. Renew Your Lawn!- Nothing cancels curb appeal like an ugly lawn. Dry patches, marshy areas, and overgrown weeds take all the beauty out of your landscaping. Sod installations or Aeration and Overseeding can completely renew your lawn. Even better, the benefits of a new lawn can be seen all year long. 
  1. Add Winter Color Early-Winter landscapes don’t have to be drab. You can add a bunch of beautiful, vibrant color to your home by adding some gorgeous autumn plants. Moderate soil temperatures reduce transplant shock and improve root development. Here are a few plants to consider:
lawn leaf blowing front of house
  • Japanese Maple
  • Blue Fescue
  • Pansies
  • Mums
  • Beauty Berry
  • SnapDragons
  • Blue Spruce
  • Arborvitae 
  • Boxwood

Ready to Make Your Home Pop?  

There’s no better time than now for curb appeal projects. If you’re ready to renew your home, call Landwork Contractors in Westchester County, NY at 914-479-2537. You can also make an appointment online. We can’t wait to transform your home!

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