Create the Backyard Retreat of Your Dreams with Unilock Patios

Professional Residential Masons Craft Customized Retreats

unilock stone patio

For over 18 years, Landwork Contractors has been crafting personalized patios in Westchester, Putnam, and Dutchess Counties. We know the best techniques and use only top quality products with Unilock pavers for your customized projects. Our patios will turn your backyard into a beautiful retreat for your friends and family. How? Take a look at these benefits and you’ll see why it’s time to start planning your Unilock Patio

Create More Space for More Fun!– If your family is tired of Netflix or staring at a screen, try some outdoor time. With the right additions, a new patio can add extra space to your home. You could entertain your friends or simply spend time with family. Summer parties, holiday celebrations, and after work swims can become a part of your everyday life when you add a pool patio. 

Design a Safe and Relaxing Space for Your Family– 

custom stone patio with fire pit

The Hudson River Valley region is known for its beautiful valleys and rocky ground. While these views are stunning, their uneven pathways can be hazardous. A carefully designed retaining wall in your pool patio can help tame the terrain and provide calm, safe areas for your family to relax. Add in a walkway with slip-resistant pavers and you’ll have a gorgeous space that puts safety first without sacrificing style. 

Add Beautiful Views- An outdoor space doesn’t have to be bare to be beautiful. The right pool patio design can be artistic and useful. Imagine looking out your window at a lush landscape with flowering trees and ornamental shrubs highlighting flagstone pavers and beautiful blue waters. Every day can feel like a spa getaway with the right design. 

Increase the Value of Your Home- Hardscaping features are one of the top ways to increase home values. Pool patios never lose their worth in any home market. When you choose to add a patio, you are setting your home apart from all the others. Use professional masons and you’ll attract attention and get more out of your investment. 

Bluestone patio, Unilock Treo Tuscany Pool Patio6

A Million Options for Customized Designs- You don’t have to have a cookie-cutter version of the most popular design. Unilock pavers come in so many different styles with so many different options, you can create something beautiful and totally unique. 

Prepare for Summer Now with Patio DesignsSummer may seem months away but it will get here before you know. Get ready for summer parties and celebrations by planning your patio design now. Call our experts at 914-479-2537 or make an appointment online. We’ll have you relaxing by the pool in no time.

Time for Fun in the Sun

Get Your Home Summer-Ready with Incredible Patio Upgrades

brick patio with designIt’s been a long cold winter but summer is right around the corner. The team at Landwork Contractors is ready to turn your winter blah’s into summer fun with some of our favorite pool patio additions. We have been providing Westchester and Putnam Counties the best in hardscaping additions for over a decade. Here are just a few of our favorite additions that can really amp up the fun in your summer.

Outdoor Kitchens

From the Fourth of July to Labor Day, summer months are full of some of our favorite holidays and celebrations. And nothing goes better with a summer celebration than a great cookout. You can save trips to the kitchen, add to your home value, and increase your outdoor season with an outdoor kitchen. Options include:

  • Brick Oven for Wood-fire Pizzas
  • Built-In Grills for Year-Long Healthy Eating
  • Refrigerators for Easy Access to Food and Drinks
  • Wine Cooler for Perfectly Chilled Beverages
  • Built-In Sink for Quick and Easy Clean-up

Whatever options you chose to add to your outdoor kitchen, we use only the best materials from Unilock to bring new life to your home.

Retaining Walls

One of the number one reasons many clients look into retaining walls is to help protect their property from erosion. There are many other uses for retaining walls, including:

  • Unilock-Treo-New-York-Blend-Walkway-Installation2Creating new areas for entertainment and play.
  • Creating zones or sectioning off different areas of your property for different purposes.
  • Providing seating for pool patios.
  • Creating privacy around a pool or fire pit.

The experts at Landwork Contractors can help you choose the best retaining wall options to make your home complete.

Fire Pits

After a long day, you can end your evening by relaxing next to the fire by your fire pit. Have weenie roasts, make s’mores. You can even have some grown-up fun with wine-tastings and gourmet fire pit dishes. Fire-pits benefits include:

  • fire pit from stoneEndless design options.
  • Built-in seating options.
  • Extends the length of your summer.
  • Adds value to your home.
  • Fun for everyone.
  • Health Benefits including lowered blood pressure.

Pool Patios

No pool is complete without a patio. Patios not only add value to your home, they can also cut down on slips and falls. Unilock pavers offer incredible durability, beauty, and slip-resistant surfaces for your home. A pool patio can include:

  • Seating
  • Fire Pits
  • Built-In Grills
  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Steps
  • Water Features
  • Pattern Designs
  • Sectioned Areas for Sunbathing, Swimming, Eating, or Lounging

This could be your best summer yet. Plan ahead and get your backyard ready for summer fun today. Call Landwork Contractors at 914-479-2537 to start having fun in the sun today. Or you can make an appointment online. We’ll have your home summer ready in no time.

Unilock Patios Unlock the Yard of Your Dreams

Professional Patio Installations Open up the Outdoors for Entertaining and Relaxing

patio with custom stone brickAre you dreaming of spring and summer? Adding a Unilock patio can create the outdoor retreat you’ve been longing for. For over 17 years, Landwork Contractors has been providing top of the line patio installations to Westchester and Putnam Counties. Here are just a few ways the right patio installation can transform your lawn or backyard.

  • Built to Last- Unilock products are made of top quality materials that truly stand the test of time. These pavers and stones are crafted to withstand stains, weather, water, sun, and ice. We are also Unilock Authorized Contractors, so we bring you the best materials at the best price.
  • Design Options- Besides offering top quality products our expert design team use the endless material options from Unilock to craft custom patios for you. Simply tell us your ideas and we can create a patio to fit your needs and style. The project choices are endless, including:
    • Stone PatioCircular Patios
    • Fire-pits
    • Pattern Designs
    • Outdoor Kitchens
    • Grill Stations
    • Pergolas
    • Retaining Wall Seating
    • And Many More

Your imagination is the limit when it comes to patio designs.

  • Add Value to Your Home- Unilock is a well-known and trusted brand that has a reputation for beautiful results. When you add a patio to your home or office, you are also adding value that will attract future buyers and customers.
  • Add Space- A well-designed patio creates another room for your home. The extra space can be used to entertain family and friends or simply enjoy at the end of a hard day. It’s like adding another room that comes with fresh air, sunshine, and lots of relaxation.
  • Create Safe Spaces for You and Your Family-  The rocky paths and rolling hills of the Hudson River Valley can create some dangerous hazards for home and business owners. Our experts will carefully grade and level the patio area for a safe and peaceful space for you and your family.

Dreaming of a Patio? Start Now!

brick fire pit and stone pationLandwork Contractors will work with you every step of the way to bring you the patio you want at a price you can afford. Call us today at 914-479-2537 or make an appointment online. We’ll have your backyard retreat ready in time for spring.


Custom Patio Designs for Endless Summer Fun

Professional Masons Use Top Quality UNILOCK Products to Build Your Dream Retreat

Pool PatioA customized pool patio is a quick way to get the most out of summer. Landwork Contractors has a team of fully licensed and insured masons with years of experience. Whatever your design is, our skilled masons and design team will make your dream come true.  To help you get started, we’ve made a list of some the incredible options available when you combine LandworkContractors skill and UNILOCK trusted products.

Design Options

When it comes to designing your pool patio, there are endless possibilities. Our design team can help you personalize your pool patio with our 3D landscape creator software, so you can see your patio before the first stone is placed. Some of the many design options you can choose from include:

Wall Seating- If you like to host parties or simply relax outside, wall seating is a must.

Fire Pits- On summer nights, fire pits make the perfect place to sit around with family and friends. They can be built to fit any design, space, or atmosphere you choose. Fire pits can also be used to keep bugs at bay and add extra hours to your pool time.

Patterns or Designs in the Stone-Using different colored stones like our beautiful bluestone or flagstone create beautiful designs of every kind.

Material Options

UNILOCK carries beautiful, durable, and reliable materials that are always high quality. Some materials to consider are:

Bluestone_RivenstoneBluestone-Extremely adaptable,  bluestone provides a beautiful look for any design. Due to their rough texture and flat shape, these pavers work especially well for pool patios.

Flagstone-If you have high traffic areas that you are looking to improve, flagstone are a beautiful, durable material that can withstand heavy traffic.

sandstone_BrusselsSandstone– These pavers comes in a wide array of textures and colors that can be used almost anywhere. Sandstone is so durable, that improve as they settle into their environment.

Yorkstone_IronRiverYorkstone- Elegant and magical, these beautiful colored pavers are a combination of rich creams, tans, and golds. They are weather proof, hardy, and reliable for any are of your landscaping.

These are just a few of the options available. Landwork Contractors are here to guide you from dream to design to reality. Get started on your dream patio, call us today at 914-479-2537 or make an appointment online. We’ll have you relaxing poolside in no time.

Top Five Additions for Fall Fun Outdoors

Professional Hardscaping for Remodeling Season

stone walkwayFall is here! Cooler weather and beautiful fall foliage call us outside. Plus, these refreshing, dry days are great for outdoor remodels or additions. Landwork Contractors wants to help you get the best out of your outdoor spaces.  And there is no better time than fall to get those projects started. To help you out, here are the top five outdoor additions for fall!

  • Outdoor Rooms- Imagine brisk autumn mornings, watching the sunrise over the brilliant hues of turning leaves as you sip your favorite brew. This could be even more special with an outdoor room. Experienced masons, like our team at Landwork Contractors, can help with design, materials, and constructing the perfect outdoor space. As you plan, consider:

  • Seating Areas
  • Retaining Walls
  • Pergolas to Keep Out Sun
  • Comfortable Cushions
  • Fencing for Privacy
  • Areas to Place Plates and Glasses

  • Decks- An outdoor deck can provide the perfect space to relax and enjoy nature or keep a watchful eye on the kids. Use top materials for durability and beauty. Also, consider adding railing that includes seating options. Decks also add value to your home should you ever want to put it on the market.
  • stone patio with amazing landscapingOutdoor Cooking Areas-Outdoor cooking can be both effortless and efficient with an outdoor kitchen and dining area. Outdoor cooking and grilling don’t have to stop when summer ends. An outdoor kitchen will bring you all the things you love about grilling out with even more efficiency than your regular grill. An outdoor kitchen space can include everything you need to keep outdoor cooking simple and easy. Consider some of these additions:

  • Brick Pizza Oven
  • Grill
  • Sinks
  • Wine Storage
  • Refrigerators

  • Outdoor Entertainment Space- Autumn brings a wealth of entertainment opportunities, especially for the outdoors. Harvest festivals, football games, and just general parties are all perfect for an outdoor entertainment space. Don’t limit yourself to a couple of chairs and a table, add extras like sound systems and outdoor TVs for more fun. Just imagine cheering on your team with your friends in front of your TV next to a cozy fire, while you enjoy freshly grilled food, all within easy reach.
  • fire pit from stoneFire Pits and Outdoor Fireplaces- Adding a fireplace outdoors can greatly extend your use of any outdoor spaces. These elegant additions add comfort, warmth, and style. You can enjoy a glass of wine by the fire place while you gaze at the stars. Another option is a custom built fire pit. Your personally designed fire pit can create the perfect place for campouts with the kids. You can also enjoy your favorite cider or cocoa as  you sit around the fire sharing old stories and making new memories. There is nothing more relaxing than cozying up to a fire on a brisk starry night.

Bring the Best of Fall to Your Backyard

There is just something about fall that makes us want to be outside enjoying the crisp weather and beautiful change in seasons. Expand your outdoor time with a few additions or remodels and you’ll find a relaxing retreat in your own backyard. Landwork Contractors’ team of experienced masons and design experts can help make your design dreams a reality. Call us today at 914-479-2537 or make an appointment online as you sip your coffee and dream up your perfect retreat.

Pool Patio Essentials

Enhance Your Pool with These Necessities

brick pool deckSummer may be coming to an end, but it’s not too late to enjoy your pool patio. Landwork Contractors can help you furnish your patio with the essentials every pool needs. We can spruce up old patios or create beautiful new ones. Our team of experts offers a wide variety of services including:

  • Masonry
  • Landscape Construction
  • Privacy Fencing
  • Patio Installations
  • Custom Outdoor Entertainment Spaces
  • Walkways and Steps

Let us get your pool patio set up for relaxation and fun. It’s not too late to get ready for all your Labor Day celebrations.

The Right Essentials Create the Perfect Atmosphere

There are a few essentials that really create the perfect atmosphere for a pool patio. These little things can turn an empty outdoor space into the best spot in the house. Here are a few pool patio essentials that will really increase your summer fun!

  • Sound Systems- A great outdoor sound system can really enhance your patio experience. Pool parties, BBQs or even a lazy afternoon swim are all more enjoyable with a little music.

beige stone pool pationAnother option for an outdoor sound system is a backyard cinema. You could even have a swim-in and watch movies from floats on the pool . All it takes is a screen, a projector or even an add-on to your phone or iPad and some sound. You can take family fun night or sleepovers to a whole new level!

Call a trusted professional like Landwork Contractors to install a sound system or help you choose the perfect waterproof mobile speakers. When you’re shopping for a new sound system, make sure it includes Bluetooth capabilities so you can simply plug into the system and unplug from the world.

  • Storage- Every pool patio needs some kind of storage to keep it clean and safe. Each pool float, backyard toy, beach towel, comfy cushion, and pillow should have a designated place, outside your home. This will help cut down on messy, soggy traffic sloshing through your house. It can also help control clutter and prevent losing pool essentials. When everything is in its place, you can prevent falls and trips. Storage will also make your patio feel inviting, comfortable and relaxing. Many home supply stores have a variety of storage solutions for outdoor spaces. Look into these options or include them in your pool patio design or remodel.
  • Bar Space with Outdoor Refrigerator – A nice bar space with its own fridge is an obvious essential to any pool patio. You’ll no longer have to go in and out of the house for drinks, snacks or ice. Plus, with a fridge and bar area nearby, guests can help themselves. You’ll have much more time to enjoy your family and friends when refreshments are within reach. You might even get the chance to relax by the pool!

Unwinding By the Pool is Easy

brick stone poolDays by the pool are the best part of summer. When you enhance your pool with these little adjustments or additions, unwinding after a long day is easy. You’ll find your friends, family and even you are relaxing more this summer. Landwork Contractors  can help you with pool patio designs, installations and remodels. Call us at 914-479-2537 before summer slips away. We’ll have you lounging by the pool in no time. You can even make an appointment online while you soak up the sun.